Education Overview

The Canberra Bridge Club takes pride in our high quality teachers and our continuing education program. The Club caters for ALL levels of players from absolute beginners to the very experienced, very competent player. The education services we provide are divided into broad categories -- one activity moves across ALL categories, Mentoring in May.

  • Beginners
    • Beginners Courses, the next courses are in February, May and September, aimed at those new to bridge or returning after a long break
    • Master the Basics, every Wednesday 9:15 am sharp, $6, development classes for relatively new players
    • Supervised Play, Monday Evenings 7pm, Friday Mornings at 9:30 am providing guidance and help during actual bridge play.
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
    • Will Jenner-O'Shea Lessons
    • BFACT Directors Course (periodically)
    • Kantar-based lessons

Barbara Toohey and Jeanette Grahame are ABF accredited and lead our dedicated team of teachers and supervisors.   

From time to time the Club invites other leading teachers to present workshops and courses for players of all levels.

For further information on our Education Program please follow the links provided.

Intermediate Lessons

More Bridge Basics for Continuing Students - 2020

Barb Toohey will run two 4-week courses on Competitive Bidding and Defence. This is the next step after the beginners lessons.

Dates          :
  • Wednesdays 11 March to 1 April
  • Wednesdays 19 August to 9 September
  • 2pm to 4pm
  • $15 for an individual lesson or
  • $55 for all four (4) lessons
  • Week 1: Doubles
  • Week 2: Overcalls
  • Week 3: Leads
  • Week 4: Signals

Thursday Intermediate Classes

As an extension of supervised play, players will have a short lesson on basic bridge concepts, followed players' choice of either a regular session of play or an intermediate session of play.

Day:           Thursday Mornings
Time: 9:30 am sharp, duration 20 minutes
  • $5 for members
  • $7 for non-members

Click here for list of topics for 2019

Mentoring in May

Partner one of the more experienced member volunteers and play one or two duplicate sessions. Your partnership will be arranged for you. After the session discussing the hands introduces new bridge concepts, provides great tips and widens possibilities.


Advanced Lessons

Ian Robinson and Jodi Tutty will conduct lessons based off Kantar teaching material on 10 & 17 November 2019.


BFACT Directors Course

BFACT will run a Director's Course and/or training periodically.