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Beginners Courses

Our beginner classes (evening and daytime) are taught by the Club's ABF accredited teachers and are conducted on Monday evenings and Friday mornings. The 2020 program is shown below. The Club makes gift vouchers available for those who wish to give a birthday or Christmas gift to their family or firends.

Courses are run by our ABF Accredited Teachers Barb Toohey and Jeanette Grahame together with Larissa Cowlishaw.

Cost: $69* (inc. GST) for six (6) weekly lessons, and includes a textbook, detailed notes and three free supervised play session vouchers. Participants can switch their attendance between the evening and daytime sessions to suit their needs.

*Pay by the Early Bird date, and only pay $59


2021 Beginners Courses
Monday evening datesTimeFriday morning datesTimeEarly-bird discount date
1st February 2021* 7:00 pm 5th February 2021 10 am 25 January 2021

 *Due to the Canberra Day public holiday on Monday 8th March, the 6th lesson may be rescheduled to the following Monday 15th March.

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Master the Basics

Wednesday mornings at 9:15-9:45 

Our ABF accredited teachers Barbara Toohey and Jeanette Grahame, together with Larissa Cowlishaw and with the assistance of others present a successful series of sessions pitched at players relatively new to the game or those who wish to brush up on the basics. These half hour lessons before Wednesday morning duplicate session cover important play and bidding techniques. Sessions are very practical, with concepts or techniques being developed over a number of weeks. No registration needed, just turn up. Cost is $6 (Members) and $8 (Non-members).

View the Master the Basics topics for 2020.

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Intermediate and Advanced Lessons

More Bridge Basics for Continuing Students- short 4 week courses where you may select an individual lesson or attend all four (4).  Held in August 2020.

Covering the Basics, every Thursday mornings 9:15 am.

Intermediate Seminar

Mentoring in May, a chance for CBC members to partner with a more experienced player and gain tips on bidding and play.