CBC Barry Turner Teams, 4 week Comp from 17th April

Barry Turner Teams

TUESDAY EVENINGS, 17th & 24th April 7:30 pm
and 1st & 8th May 7 pm

*  Honour board event
* Red
 Masterpoints, MP rating four B4c sessions
* IMP/VP scoring, 3x9 board rounds OR
   2x14 board rounds each session
* 1 of 3 Major Teams Events run by the Club
* Honour Board Event
* Pre-entry essential
* Entries close Monday 16th April at 1pm

*  Late entries accepted only under strict conditions.
*  Cost $13 per session.
*  Online entry

Barry Turner was a long-time treasurer of the ACTBA/BFACT. He was primarily responsible for securing the finances for building the CBC clubrooms.


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