Barry Turner Teams

ABF Mixed Team Survey

CBC Barry Turner Teams, 4 week Comp from 17th April

TUESDAY EVENINGS, 17th & 24th April 7:30 pm
and 1st & 8th May 7 pm

*  Honour board event
* Red
 Masterpoints, MP rating four B4c sessions
* IMP/VP scoring, 3x9 board rounds OR
   2x14 board rounds each session
* 1 of 3 Major Teams Events run by the Club
* Honour Board Event
* Pre-entry essential
* Entries close Monday 16th April at 1pm

*  Late entries accepted only under strict conditions.
*  Cost $13 per session.
*  Online entry

Barry Turner was a long-time treasurer of the ACTBA/BFACT. He was primarily responsible for securing the finances for building the CBC clubrooms.


                     Current Entries                 

 1. Rob Hurst, Rowan Corbett, Val Carmody, Margaret Kyburz

2. Jan Davis, Tony Marker, Sunny Campbell & Gordon Henderson

3. Ian Thomson, Arjuna De Livera, Ian Robinson & George Kozakos

4. Peter Kahler, Adrienne Stephens, Janet Kahler, Peter Quach & Michael Cullen(sub)

5. Niek Van Vucht, Patricia McDonald, Ross Crichton, Pam Crichton

6. Stephen Carter, Tim Davis, Anne Powell, Bruce Crossman

7. Chris Quail (c), Julia Hoffman, Tony Marinos, Peter Grant

8. Jodi Tutty, Bill Tutty, D Grahame, Jeanette Graham

9. Peter Anderson, Donna Stewart, Alex Hewitt, George. Stockham

10. John Brockwell, Chris Stead, Richard Hills & Michael Cullen(sub)

11. Elizabeth Havas, Margaret Bourke, David Hoffman & David Wawn

12. Stephen Mendick, Bev Crossman, Barb Toohey & Trish Arnold ( ALL SUBS)

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