Summer Swiss Teams. 3 week Competition

Summer Swiss TeamsTHURSDAY EVENINGS, 16, 23 & 30 November
  Online Entry Form
* Gateway Event, to help our Rising Stars experience competition events
Open entry; special category for teams of 4 comprising no more than 2 players 
   with <300 masterpoints
*Incorporates Life/Non-Life Masters Teams
*Green masterpoints. MP rating GW 1.0
*Open entry regardless of masterpoint status, pre-entry essential.
* Entries close 15th November 4pm Cost $13 money

                     Current Entries                

1.  Bronwyn Boehm, Trish Arnold, Henry Hudson, John Brockwell

2.  Stephen Mendick, Bernard Waters, George Kozakos, Ian Robinson

3.  Pam Crichton, Ross Crichton, Julia Hoffman, Christopher Quail

4.  Tim Davis, Jan Davis, David Randles, Bill Tutty, Tony Marker

5. Margaret Bourke, Arjuna De Livera, Elizabeth Hayes, David Hoffman

6. Andrew Spooner, Zac Neulinger, Stephen Fischer,Daryl Whitfield

7. Richard Neville, Michael Rolph, Michael Randles, Michael Rolfe.