Skills Development Prizes Version 2 Corrected

Skills Development Prizes V2Saturday
    * Costs:                   
$35, 9:45 am Two (2) Workshops
                                     followed by play & discussion 
    * Refreshment:       Bring your own lunch or order through
                                     the Club on Saturday morning
Sunday costs:         $25, 9:45 am Two (2) Workshops only 
Bookings:                 Please book  Online or ring Managers.
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More Information: Perelle Scales,  0450 961 935

 Partnerships and singles most welcome


 Workshop Program

Saturday 9:45 am  
* To compete or not to compete -
     When to bid, pass or double in a competitive auction,  More experienced players often find themselves
     thick in the battle
   .....  Read more 
 * Cue raises: 
    How to make the most of this competitive bidding tool Don’t always think that the opponent’s bidding is a
    bad thing...... Read More 
* Lunch break
* Duplicate play with analysis and discussion 
    Laura and Pete will be playing the duplicate and partnering two lucky players from the morning 
    workshops! ......  Read More 

Sunday 9:45 am
Bidding weak hands in difficult situations

     This workshop is perfect for newer players and partnerships that often find that they are getting too
     high ....... Read More 
* Double trouble
    Take out doubles and their responses In the modern game the call of double has taken on so many
     different meanings!  ..... Read More 

                     Current Attendee Names                 

Both Days Saturday

 1. Jenny Bergin

 2. Barbara Bialowas

 3. Barbara Langeveld

4. Fran Pollard

5. Graham Pollard

6. Rogina Hitchcock

7. Claire Hughes

8. Pamela McKittrick

9. Jenny Grinlinton

10.Verona Armstrong

11. Michelle Grant

12. Simon Grant

13. Colleen Hassall

14. Toni Adams

15. Denyse Freedman

16. Michael Brassil

17. Louise Brassil

18. Sau-Yem Lo

19. Val Carmody   Yes  
20. Sue Doyle    
21. Sanya Ritchie Yes    
22. Tim Mather   Yes  
23. Phillipa Wickman Yes    
24. Grant Wickman    
25. Sue Mardus    
26. Kay Stoquart    
27. Meg Price   Yes  
28. Janet Johnston    
29. Marg Bishop    
30. Prue Clarke    
31. Marilyn Miller Yes    
32. Nola Arnold    
33. Christine Donovan     Yes
34. Cherly Neal    
35. David Nunn   Yes

36. Nick Vonthethoff    
37. Steve Kyburz    
38. Odette Mayne    
39. Dan Danton    
40.Marg NIcholls  Yes       
41. Lee Egerton    
42. Shah Child    
43. Shah Child    
44. Penny Eagan    
45. Kim Coleman   Yes  
46. Rob Hurst   Yes  
47. Dennis O'Connor   Yes  


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