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CBC Mixed Teams Championship, 4 weeks from 3rd May

 THURSDAY EVENINGS, 3, 10, 17 & 25 May, 7 pm the top placed mixed team will be the 2018 CBC Mixed Teams Champions
 Online Entry Form
*  RED  Masterpoints, MP rating four B4c Sessions 
*  A Matchpoint event open to all-comers
*  IMP/VP Scoring 3x9 board rounds or 4x8 board  rounds each session
*  Pre-entry Essential
*  Entries close Wednesday, 2nd May at 1pm
*  Late entries accepted only under strict conditions.
*  Cost $13 per session


                     Current Entries                 

  1.  Janet Kahler, Jodi Tutty, Margaret Kyburz, Sue La Peyre, Bob Cox
  2. Tony Marker, Bill Tutty, Jan Davis, Sunny Campbell, Gordon Henderson
  3. David Randles, Tim Davis, Paul Nelson, Robin Erskine
  4. Terri Anderson, Atul Hajela, Peter Andersson, Perelle Scales
  5. Sally Barber, Bruce Coleman, Chris Stead, _ Brockwell
  6. Gwen Gray, ? Lyn Turner, _______, _______


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