Dear Members


From the President:

Congratulations to Lew Mander on being appointed a Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia in the 2018 Australia Day Honours. This recognises his eminent services to science through pioneering contributions to organic chemistry in the field of plant growth hormones. At the table we are usually too busy thinking about the Ace of spades, so doubtless some of us didn’t know of the esteem accorded to Lew in his profession.

Almost every member of the club knows what follows but I give a friendly reminder that while winning is enjoyable, we all play bridge for mental stimulation and social contact.  Please think about your partner and your opponents too. Occasional bursts of laughter are good to hear.

Calling the director (in a pleasant way) when players inadvertently do something ‘wrong’ is required by the Laws of bridge. It is not an aggressive act, rather the action that is most likely to clear up an issue before it becomes a problem.  Let’s all enjoy this challenging game.

A very prosaic plea – if you wear lipstick would you please help by removing it from your cup when you leave it in the kitchen. Lipstick is designed to stick, and provides a problem for dishwashers.

The Valentine’s Day Congress is mentioned elsewhere – please enter this enjoyable event.  In terms of help, our greatest need is for someone who has a Costco card to pick up the sandwiches at 10am on Sunday 11 February.

Best wishes,



All Session Times for Bridge

Please note the start times of each session and arrive at least five minutes prior to start of play. Late arrival can cause confusion as the director will have already set the movement.


Wednesday Night Bridge – Pizza Night

Our first Pizza night will be held on Wednesday night 7th February from 6.15pm.

Richard Hills will provide his usual excellent analysis of some of the interesting hands he came across during the Summer Festival

If you wish to partake of Pizza please contact Jon Pike: e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clem Davis


Upcoming Competitions:

Sunday 11th February

  • o Morning Tea 9.30am and Play at 10.00am
  • o Light Lunch at 1.10pm
  • o Cash Prizes All Categories
  • o Restricted/Novice Butler Pairs
  • o Free Seminar at 9.30am – Playing Strategy
  • o Open Swiss Teams
  • o Prize presentation drinks & nibbles
  • Helpers are needed for the Valentine’s Day Congress, to prepare morning tea, to do a little work before and during lunch, to organise and serve nibbles at the end of play.
  • Is anyone with a Costco card able to pick up sandwiches at 10.00am on Sunday 11 February?
  • Donations of slices or biscuits for morning tea would be greatly appreciated.
  • Please contact Pam Crichton or Mary Tough

FRIDAY AFTERNOON – 16th February - Nationwide Pairs

Red Masterpoints,
Test your play against players of all calibres Australia wide,
No entry requirements, just walk-in, no additional cost,
Click here to see the ABF Nationwide Pairs site including results.


Regional Events:


Master the Basics – cement your Bridge skills

  • The next lesson is Wednesday 7th February, with Barb Toohey. 
    The topic is Bridge Rules – “Rules of the game & common mistakes”


Supervised Session 2018 – all Beginners should attend

Supervised lessons will resume on Monday 29th January (7.00pm) and Thursday 1st February (9.30am).

We hope you have enjoyed the Summer Sessions as well as your holiday time, and we look forward to seeing you again in the 2018 Supervised sessions.

Supervised session topics

Monday’s starting 7.00pm

Thursday’s starting 9.30am

Weak 2D/2H/2S openings

5th February

8th February

  Strong 2C opening

12th  February

15th February

Barb, Ann and Jeanette


January Monthly Eclectics Winners:

Thursday Morning Blue:

Friday Morning:

Friday Afternoon:

Saturday Afternoon:

Monday Morning Blue:

Monday Morning Red:

Monday Evening:

Monday Evening Handicap:

Tuesday Afternoon:

Wednesday Morning:

Wednesday Evening:

Wednesday Evening Handicap:

John Daly & Janet Norris

Wenda Brown & Dan Cole

Roger & Gita Curnow

Helen Little & Geoff Hutchins

John Asman & Nonie Ashworth

Niek Van Vucht & Patricia Mc Donald

Tamara Cutcliffe & David Clarkson

Susan Walters & Ruth Landau

Neil Naughton & Jim Chan

Rasma Bandle & Ines-Maria Hodgkinson

John Hempenstall & Clem Davis

Jon Pike & Annabelle Boag


Reminder – renewals of membership – NOW VERY OVERDUE!

Please note, renewal of 2018 membership is now overdue. If you have not already renewed your membership, can you please do so ASAP. You can pay by EFTPOS (on-line banking  direct to CBC Bank account), details being:

Account name – Canberra Bridge Club

BSB – 062 919

Account no. 00920020

Please include your ABF no. (and surname if possible)

Alternatively, you can pay your renewal membership by ‘cash’ or ‘cheque’ at the Club.

Thank you for your assistance here.

 Dear Hilda Lirsch,

You are declaring 3NT:












During the auction LHO has promised a weak hand with a six-card diamond suit. Sure enough, LHO's opening lead is a fourth-best six of diamonds. I chose to play dummy's queen of diamonds at trick one. How should I have played?

Best wishes,

Down four vulnerable


Dear down four vulnerable,

Playing the queen of diamonds at trick one would have been correct if LHO held all three of the outstanding aces, since then LHO would not have been able to lead diamonds again without giving you a second diamond trick. But you know on the bidding that this cannot be true. Hence winning the diamond queen at trick one will sign your death warrant. RHO will win the ace of hearts or the ace of clubs and lead the remaining card from RHO's original doubleton diamond through your king of diamonds to defeat your 3NT contract by four vulnerable undertricks.

Instead play dummy's nine of diamonds at trick one. If you are really lucky LHO's diamond suit is AJTxxx, and dummy's nine of diamonds will hold, guaranteeing a second diamond stopper.

If you are only mildly lucky RHO will cover the nine with the ten or jack. Now make the most of your mild luck by ducking RHO's honour. Then, on the reasonable assumption that LHO's only entry is the ace of diamonds, you have restricted the defence to only two diamond tricks, instead of the five diamond tricks that the defence took at your table.

Best wishes,



Fyshwick Trash & Treasure Stall

The Club will be holding a fundraising stall on Saturday 28th April.

Donations from club members would be most appreciated. Relatively small portable and saleable items are what we need – books, CD’s, DVD’s, jewellery, vases, kitchen items, collectables, toys, games, etc. etc.

If you have any questions or would like to help on the day please contact:

Janet Kahler – ph. 6239 7268 or Gwen Jamieson Gray – ph. 0405 193 584 or Sue Taylor – ph. 6295 6691.


Kind regards

Kerry and Keith