Newsletter - 6 July 2018

From the President:

We had a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon at the club with the Teams of 3 event, followed by a drinks party, which also celebrated and thanked our many volunteers who work all year for the club.

Please note that the Anniversary Pairs will be held on Thursday morning 12 July and we will have morning tea in that morning session. Donations of slices would be appreciated; please let me know in advance if you can bring something.

The Anniversary Pairs is held to celebrate CBC obtaining its own building, initially just the Olive Lott Room, more than 40 years ago. We are all now fortunate to enjoy club rooms with two large playing areas.

Best wishes,

Teams of Three

Thank you to the 26 experienced captains, and their efficient organisers Sue La Peyre and Bob Cox, and to Sebastian Yuen for his capable directing, and to Ian Robinson for his all round troubleshooting. Congratulations to new players who overcame their trepidation to participate. We also appreciate those who agreed to be on standby. And thank you to the many workers in the bridge room and the kitchen, the latter supervised by Patricia McDonald. We are grateful to Jeanette Grahame, Trish Arnold, Chris Quail, Perelle Scales, Anne Powell, Michel Geromboux, Gwen Gray Jamieson, Heather Kirkby, Clive Kirkby, Niek van Vucht, Sau Yem Lo and Emily Inglis variously for their help to the players and for their contributions to the celebrations afterwards. Apologies to anyone I have forgotten.

New days for managers

  • Kerry will be working in the office Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
  • Emily will be working in the office Monday & Friday

Newsletter day of publication to change

The newsletter will now be issued on Friday.

This will work better for us administratively as the managers are changing the days on which they work.

Tim Maher Fundraising for MS

Tim Mather, a CBC member, is planning to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in July-August and hopes to use this to raise funds for the MS Society, our club’s charity this year. Please find more information on our website page about Tim’s climb.

Course on new Bridge laws – Saturday 21 July

BFACT is hosting this course so that all BFACT directors, and interested players, can get up to speed on the intricacies of the new ABF Bridge Laws.

We are fortunate to have Bruce Crossman as our presenter. Bruce has extensive experience in directing at national events using the new laws.

  • Learn about The new revised Laws of Contract Bridge
  • When:Saturday 21 July 2018, 10am to 12.30pm
  • Where:Canberra Bridge Club, Deakin
  • Cost:$15 per person

Upcoming events

Olive Lott Pairs 3/5 – Mondays 10:00am walk-in until 30th July

  • Gold points

CBC Anniversary Matchpoint Pairs – Thursday July 12, 10.00am

  • Red MasterPoints

GNOT Qualifying Butler Pairs – Thursdays 7pm

o   12th, 19th & 26th July

Interclub Teams – Sunday 22 July, 10.00am

  • Run by the Bridge Federation of the ACT (BFACT)
  • A team event in 4 categories:
    • Seniors
    • Intermediate (<750MP per player)
    • Restricted (<300MP per player)
    • Novice (<50MP per player)

Join with your friends to form a Canberra Bridge Club team. We can have multiple entries in every category.

Please enter now to help the organisers.

State Singles Championship – Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

  • Tuesdays: 31st July, 7th & 14th August
  • Thursdays: 2nd , 9th & 16th August
  • Incorporating the Griffin Trophy (best 3 scores to count)
  • Red MasterPoints

Wanted: Winter produce

Thank you to all those who have brought in produce for sale at the Club! Lemons, Kiwifruit, Guava, marmalade & more! They have been such a hit, and are going hotcakes!

Yes, we always want more! If you have an abundance of produce, please consider donating some to raise funds for the Club. We are grateful for every donation.

Thank you to our members & visitors for their honesty in paying for the produce on the foyer table.

Southern Cross Club community benefits scheme

The Southern Cross Club has included us again in their Community Benefits Scheme. Any person who is a member of the Southern Cross Club can assign their benefits to CBC. Once your card is registered with CBC, you simply need to have it swiped when you buy food or drink at the Southern Cross Club, knowing you are helping our bridge club. You do not need to tell any Southern Cross Club staff about it. This scheme is very helpful to CBC finances.

Revised ABF Constitution

The revised ABF constitution is now available.

Rank Promotions for June

Graduate                     Ian Gay, Michael Robertson, Gisela Von Gavel
Club                             Helen Hamilton, Steve Kyburz, Iris Lee, Nick Vonthethoff
*Local                          Olivia Macdonald, Douglas Stuart
**Local                         Geoff Hooper
National                       Helen Little
Bronze Life                  Bea Duncan


Teams of Three

  • Yellow: Gisela Von Gavel, Janice Curran, Barbara September, Michel Geromboux
  • Blue:             Debra Birkby, Paul Birkby, Marika Simpson, Stephen Fischer
  • Red:             Dorothy Holt, Judy Netting, Claire Hughes, Ross Crichton

President’s Butler Pairs

  1. Perelle Scales & Gwen Gray Jamieson
  2. Elizabeth Havas & David Wawn
  3. Margaret Bourke & George Kozakos
  4. Tony Marinos & Peter Grant

GNOT Knock-Out Finals

  1. David Lilley, David Appleton, Elizabeth Havas & Margaret Bourke
  2. Jodi Tutty, Peter Grant, Tony Marinos & Stephen Mendick

June Eclectics



Monday Morning – Blue (Yellow)

Tim Mather & George Mclean

Monday Morning – Red

Sue La Peyre & Margaret Kyburz

Monday Evening – Handicap

Alan Johnston & Justine Beaumont

Monday Evening

Helen Little & Geoff Hutchins

Tuesday Afternoon

John Brockwell & Brian Thorp

Wednesday Morning

Sunny Campbell & Stephen Carter

Wednesday Evening – Handicap

Chris Tough & Mary Tough

Wednesday Evening

Andrew Moorhead & Clem Davis

Thursday Morning – Blue

Colin Davidson & Peter Kowald

Thursday Morning – Butler

Lesley Gunson & Larissa Cowlishaw

Friday Morning

Lance McDougall & Harold McCormick

Friday Afternoon

Jim Ascione & Emlyn Williams

Saturday Afternoon

Gwendolyn Gray Jamieson & Mal Aldons

Bridge For Kids - Tuesday 10 & 17 July

  • Tuesday 10 July 2018 and Tuesday 17 July at CBC, come to one or both.
  • 10am finishing at 12 noon with ice cream and pizza. Cost $2.

It is expected that a parent, grandparent or guardian will accompany each minor and assist if needed.

The target age is ten to twelve but eight to eighteen would be acceptable.

Card games include any trick taking game such as Old Maid, Hearts and mini bridge for older children. 

If you have any enquiries please contact Patricia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sign up sheets will be on the noticeboard at CBC, or you can email the Manager.

Monday-Wednesday Evening News

As part of our promotion of evening duplicate bridge, up to and including November 2018:

  1. The players who win the monthly Handicap eclectic events on Monday and Wednesday evenings will receive a free play voucher each as their prize.
  2. The Club will offer half price table-money vouchers (two per person) to members who have not previously played in Monday or Wednesday evening sessions. These will be available on request from the session Director, or one of our two managers.

Australian Bridge Directors Association (ABDA) Seminar

Advance notice:

  • 17th & 18th November, 2018
  • Canberra Bridge Club – 6 Duff Place, Deakin ACT

The program with registration forms will be sent out closer to the date.

Dear Hilda Lirsch,                                       

Can bridge be fun?

Best wishes,

Grumpy Old Man


Dear Grumpy,

Yes, bridge can indeed be fun. One of my favourite situations occurred thusly:

1- I had personally created a you-beaut convention of which I was very proud.

2- Partner remembered the convention.

3- I forgot my own convention.

4- Therefore I declared 4H in a 1-1 trump fit.

5- I played with great tenacity but had to go six off vulnerable, -600.

6- But this was a triumph, as another pair sitting in the opposite direction made 4H on a misdefence for 620. A mere second bottom instead of an outright bottom!!!

Best wishes,


Master the Basics – cement your Bridge skills

The next lesson will be on Wednesday July 11:

Opposition Bidding - Overcalls

Supervised Session 2018

There will be no lesson on Thursday 12th July. Please join us for Supervised Play at 10am.

Supervised session topics


(starting at 7.00pm)

Thursdays & Fridays

(starting at 9.30am)

Opening leads & signals (simplified)

9th July

13th July (Friday)

No Trump play

16th July

20th July (Friday)

Trump play

23rd July

27th July

- Barb, Ann and Jeanette