From the President: 

Good luck to the ACT teams participating in the Australian National Championships next week in sunny (oops it is July) Hobart.

In the words of the Irish, may the sun shine warm upon your face; may the wind be always at your back.

In words that readers of this newsletter will understand, play like Deep Finesse!

Best wishes,

Coughs & Colds

If you are unwell, please stay home and get better before returning to play bridge at the club. Many are suffering colds and flu at the moment and we do not want germs to spread, especially to our more vulnerable members.

Magnetic metal/plastic name badges – second order

Do you want one of those new name badges you have seen some people wearing at the Club?
We are soon to make a second-batch order, so now is the time to purchase one in the upcoming order.

Please approach the managers during the half hour before (morning & afternoon) session times, or half hour after (morning) session times to put your name down and pay the $15 cost of the badge.

If you only play during the evening sessions, please approach the director and ask them to put your name & $15 in an envelope on the managers desk for us to add you to the list.

It is important that you print your name clearly and exactly as you would like it spelt.

Upcoming events

State Singles Championship – Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

  • Tuesdays: 31st July, 7th & 14th August
  • Thursdays: 2nd , 9th & 16th August
  • Incorporating the Griffin Trophy (best 3 scores to count)
  • Red MasterPoints

This is an opportunity to play slightly more light-hearted and different bridge on Tuesday and Thursday nights, while many of the more experienced players are away.

And have the fun of playing with several different partners over 3 weeks. The more often you play the better your chances of winning.

Book Fair – Woden Seniors Club

Two of our members, Margaret Bourke and Chris Sheen have been working hard preparing for a big book fair at the Woden Seniors Club. There will be books, CDs, DVDs, art works and a coffee shop!

Please put these dates on your calendar:

  • Dates: Friday 10th – Sunday 12th August
  • Time: 10am- 4pm
  • Address: Woden Seniors Club, 12 Corinna St, Woden

Tim Mather Fundraising for MS

Funds raised so far: $1700.00

Tim Mather is at present climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and hopes to use this to raise funds for the MS Society, our club’s charity this year. Please find more information on our webpage about Tim’s climb.

Lighter Moments

“And if anyone asks, you're Chinese. The boy had nodded. "Chinese," he whispered. "I'm Chinese."
"And I," said the girl, "am the Queen of Spain." "
In your dreams," said the boy.
"In my dreams," said the girl, "I'm the King.” 
(Julie OtsukaWhen the Emperor Was Divine)

In bridge as in life:
“Some people make things happen.
Some people watch things happen.
And then there are those who wonder, 'What the hell just happened?” 


State Open Pairs

  • Final winners:             Arjuna De Livera & George Kozakos
  • Plate winners: Niek Van Vucht & John Brockwell

GNOT Qualifying Butler Pairs (Thursday night)

  1. Ian Robinson & George Kozakos
  2. Anne Powell & David Vaughan

BFACT Interclub Teams

Restricted:                   David Graham, Karen Newby, Brenda Reynell & Maryann Brooke (Goulburn)

Seniors/Restricted:     Gordon Henderson, George Stockham, Ken Colbert & Alexander Hewat (South CBR)

Australian National Championships - ACT representatives

The following players will represent the ACT:


  • David Lilley (c) – George Kozakos
  • David Appleton – Peter Reynolds
  • Margaret Bourke – Brad Coles


  • Jodi Tutty (c) – Janet Kahler
  • Sue La Peyre – Margaret Kyburz
  • Julia Hoffman – Judith Tobin


  • Roy Nixon (npc)
  • Arjuna De Livera – Sean Mullamphy
  • Richard Brightling – David Hoffman
  • Ross Crichton – Pam Crichton


  • Daryl Whitfield (c) – Max Mullamphy
  • Andrew Spooner – Zachary Neulinger
  • Jade Wilkinson – Alexis Wilsmore

Wednesday Night Bridge

The next Pizza night/Lecture will be on Wednesday 1 August.

  • Pizzas from 6.15 pm
  • Bridge from 7.15 pm

Richard Hills will be giving a lecture on interference over an opening 1 NT.

If you want Pizza please contact Jon Pike (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by lunchtime Wednesday 1 August.

Master the Basics – cement your Bridge skills

The next lesson will be on Wednesday August 1:

Opposition Bidding – Negative & other doubles

Supervised Session 2018

Supervised session topics


(starting at 7.00pm)

Thursdays & Fridays

(starting at 9.30am)

Card Play - Finesse

30th July

2nd & 3rd August

Better minor – rebids

6th August

9th & 10th August


13th August

16th & 17th August

- Barb, Ann and Jeanette

Bridge Hands

Do you have a hand that illustrates something clever or something amusing?
We may be able to use it in the CBC newsletter. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A Blast from the Past:

George Riszko and his partner reached 6♣ on the hand below; the auction has been lost in the mists of time. George used everything at his disposal to make the contract.





♠QJ43                                                  ♠109

♥J4                                                       ♥Q1063

♦J98732                                               ♦K1054

♣6                                                        ♣J53





The lead was the unfortunate Q♠ to 5♠, 10♠ and A♠.

George guarded against a 4-0 trump break by cashing A♣, then played a low ♣ to K♣ and 10♣, unblocking, to the Q♣.

Now he played a ♠ to dummy’s 7♠, won by East’s 9♠.

George won the ♥ return with the Ace♥ and successfully finessed 8♠.

He discarded 5♥ on K♠, then cashed K♥, noting the appearance of the J♥ from West.

Now he ran the trumps, intending, if nothing interesting happened, to finesse Q♦ for his 12th trick.

However, Dr Riszko’s profession as a dentist involved sensitivity to pain, and he noticed that East was suffering on the run of trumps, so he rejected the losing finesse in favour of the successful red suit squeeze.

Even when a squeeze is working, a defender can give the declarer a losing option by blithely tossing necessary discards.


  • The opening lead: West has sufficiently few values that it is reasonable for East to hypothetically hold the A♠ sitting over North’s hypothetical K♠. On the other hand, if West had held most of the defensive values, then the Q♠ lead would have been much riskier, so in that situation a passive lead would be indicated.
  • Declarer’s careful attention to the pip cards that he held and that defenders played.
  • Declarer did not automatically take a finesse.
  • For the Squeeze to operate Declarer needed:
    • one defender to be guarding both red suits
    • to have all the remaining tricks bar one
    • an entry to whichever suit your opponent gives up
    • at least one of the threats sitting over the person you are trying to squeeze (ie discarding after that person)

Some of the above text is taken from an article by Richard Hills in the Australian Bridge Magazine, August 1994. Thanks to Richard Hills and Brad Coles for permission to use it.