Newsletter - 12 July 2019

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Upcoming Events


  • GNOT Butler Qualifying
  • Knockout Pairs


From the President:

Good luck to our members playing in ACT teams at the Australian National Championships in Melbourne next week.

For those staying in Canberra – don’t forget the Interclub Teams on 21 July – enter now!

Best wishes,


Committee Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the March, April & May committee meeting are now available on the committee webpage.

Family links:

Many married couples play together. Sometimes parents play with children and sometimes grandparents with grandchildren. In recent weeks on Monday we have had 2 sets of brothers and 1 set of sisters playing together in one movement. The family that plays together stays together?

Upcoming Events

Bridge for Kids – This week

The next session of bridge for Kids will be held on Tuesday 16 July from 10am until 12pm midday. Card games such as mini bridge and hearts will be played, along with other card games the kids may wish to play.

Interested members should register their children’s names, ages and any special dietary requirements on the registration sheets at the club, as well as the carer’s name. A grandparent or carer should accompany the children to this event, and may also be needed to assist with the games.

The cost will be $5 per child and fruit, pizza and ice cream will be provided at the end of play.

Further enquiries may be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or Patricia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

State Singles Championship – This week

  • Incorporating the Griffin Trophy – Honour Board event.
  • Gateway event, suitable for beginners, novice, & intermediate
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays - 7pm - 16th July – 25th July
  • Walk-in. No pre-entry required.
  • Matchpoint scoring, the player with the three best scores with three different partners will be the winner.

BFACT Interclub Teams

  • Sunday 21 July – 2 sessions
  • Convenor: John Donovan (BFACT)
  • 4 categories: Novice; Restricted; Intermediate; & Seniors
  • Developing players would enjoy trying the Novice category.

Please check out this interesting event (and sign up) online or on the noticeboard in the club.

Keep warm in the depths of winter while enjoying a game of bridge.

Lighter Moments

The Romans didn't find maths very challenging, because X was always 10.

ACT Teams for the ANC


  • Richard Hills & Chris Stead
  • Stephen Fischer & Sebastian Yuen
  • David Appleton & Peter Reynolds
  • Peter Grant npc


  • Margaret Bourke & Elizabeth Havas
  • Pam Crichton & Julia Hoffman
  • Adrienne Stephens & Erin Tewes
  • Jodi Tutty npc


  • Richard Brightling & David Hoffman
  • Stephen Mendick and Bernie Waters
  • Sean Mullamphy & Ian Thomson
  • Niek Van Vucht npc


  • Andrew Spooner & Josh Tomlin
  • Diya Shah & Dev Shah
  • Thomas De Poorter & Jade Wilkinson
  • John Yoon npc



GNOT Butler Qualifying

  1. Elizabeth Havas & Margaret Bourke (Sub: Jodi Tutty)
  2. Christy Geromboux & Sebastian Yuen

Knockout Pairs


  1. Stephen Carter & Anne Powell
  2. Chris Stead & Richard Hills


  1. Peter Grant & Tony Marinos

Lessons & Seminars

Master the Basics 

The next lesson will be on July 17, 2019 @ 9.15am

“Bidding  -  Obstructive Openings – Pre-empts, Weak 2’s”.

Cost: $6 for members, $8 for non members 

Thursday Intermediate Lessons

  • Every Thursday Morning at 9.30am SHARP
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Cost $5 for members, $7 for non-members
  • Come alone, with a friend or your partner
  • Program:
    18th July -    Michaels Cue Bids
    25th July -    Unusual 2NT overcall
    1st Aug -      What shape am I?

Supervised Play & Lessons

  • Monday evenings, 7:00pm
  • Friday mornings, 9:30am
  • 20 minute free lesson, then play in the Supervised Play section to reinforce your learning (normal table fees apply).
  • You do not need a partner for Supervised Play.


  • 15th – 19th July -           Opening Leads Signals (simplified)
  • 22nd – 26th July -           Doubles & Overcalls
  • 2th July – 2nd Aug -        No Trump Play #1