Newsletter - 9 August 2019

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Upcoming Events


  • Orange Congress


Winter Produce wanted

From the President:

The captains are enthusiastic, the wine has matured and delectable treats are being planned – so be sure that you put in your entry for the Teams of 3 on Sunday 25 August. Are your partners away? Don’t worry - we have teams who need a third player. We look forward to seeing you on the 25th.

Best wishes,


Partner Wanted

An experienced player seeks a less experienced (but aspiring) player to form a partnership for the year 2020.

  • Together, we will develop a system with which we are both comfortable.
  • We will play between 25 and 30 sessions of bridge, mainly at Canberra Bridge Club on Wednesday evenings.
  • There are no financial obligations, e.g. we will each pay our own table money.

If you are interested, please contact Pam Crichton who has graciously agreed to act as intermediary and who will vouch for the good faith of the proposal.

Coughs & Colds

With the cold weather still with us the need for proper Hygiene Protocols in relation to coughs, colds and flu like conditions is essential. Although the club would miss you, it is better to miss a session of bridge than share the condition with others and increase the risk of lots of us missing a bridge session. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated by all. Please be mindful of touching your face with cards, use the sanitiser frequently and discard tissues in the waste bins.

The club has placed a container of hand sanitiser on the bench top under the big screen to aid in the containment of infection.

Upcoming Events

Nationwide Pairs

Next Friday (16th August) at 1:15pm. Play the same hands all over Australia.

Teams of Three

  • 25th August 12.30pm
  • Sign up online or on the noticeboard in the club.

Enter as a team of 3 with your friends, and you will be provided with an experienced captain to help and advise you.

Each player must have fewer than 300 masterpoints. You will be allocated to an appropriate section according to your experience.

Scrumptious eats and drinks afterwards.

Upcoming GNOT Qualifying events – Gold MP

State Open Pairs Championship (Butler)

Tuesdays August 20th, 27th, 7.00pm (winter times)

  • Tuesdays September 3rd, 10th, 7.30pm (summer times)
  • The winning pair will be the ACT Open Pairs Champions.
  • Pre-entry closes 10.00am, 19th August.

State Masters Pairs (Matchpoint)

  • Thursday August 22nd & 29th, 7.00pm
  • Honour Board Event

Directors' Course

  • Saturday 31st August: All levels welcome
    • 10am – 4pm
    • How to run a session; Movements; Scoring Programmes; & Basic Laws
  • Sunday 1st September: for those with some experience directing. 
    • 10am – 4pm
    • Table simulations; Discussions on more interesting laws & situations; Q&A session

Venue: Canberra Bridge Club

Cost, times and other details TBA.

Cost: $20 for one day, or $30 for both days. Includes a light lunch.

Enter on the noticeboard, or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please indicate which day(s) you wish to attend.

Lighter Moments

We certainly need to think at this game, but maybe not for too long…

Once, when his opponents in a world-championship match took an unusually long time to act, the late Lee Hazen remarked, "I was a young man when this deal began."


Orange Congress

Swiss Pairs       3rd George Kozakos & David Lilly
                        4th Patricia McDonald & Niek Van Vucht

Swiss Teams    1st George Kozakos, David Lilly, Margaret Bourke & Brad Coles

Lessons & Seminars

Master the Basics 

The next lesson will be on August 14, 2019 @ 9.15am
 “Competitive Bidding  – Takeout Double”.
Cost: $6 for members, $8 for non members

Thursday Intermediate Lessons

  • Every Thursday Morning at 9.30am SHARP
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Cost $5 for members, $7 for non-members
  • Come alone, with a friend or your partner
  • Program:
    15th Aug -    Defence, Signals 
    22nd August -    Major suit transfers 
    29th August -     1NTx – now what? 
    5th September – Rule of 11

Supervised Play & Lessons

  • Monday evenings, 7:00pm
  • Friday mornings, 9:30am
  • 20 minute free lesson, then play in the Supervised Play section to reinforce your learning (normal table fees apply).
  • You do not need a partner for Supervised Play.


  • 12th - 15th Aug -           Card Play #2 Finesse
  • 19th – 23rd August -      Better Minor – rebids
  • 26th – 30th August -      Responses to NT & Stayman
  • 2nd – 6th September -   Doubles & Overcalls

Wanted: Winter produce

Thank you to all those who have brought in produce for sale at the Club!

Yes, we always want more! If you have an abundance of produce, please consider donating some to raise funds for the Club. We are grateful for every donation.

Thank you to our members & visitors for their honesty in paying for the produce on the foyer table.