Newsletter - 10 April 2020

In this week’s newsletter...

  • Vale Claire Wehner
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Masterpoint Promotions
  • Bridge Tips
  • Lighter moments (jokes)

From the President:

As the work on the bathrooms continues it is time to thank the sub-committee who has been behind this project: West Savery, Liz Van der Hor, John Hempenstall and Kerry Butcher. The closure of the club has helped Melis & Melis Constructions carry out their work more efficiently, but the restricted conditions in society have complicated the work for the sub-committee.

Best wishes for a Happy, if unusual, Easter,

happy easter

Vale Claire Wehner

This week we were saddened to hear of the death of Claire Wehner, a longtime member of the Club. 

She used to play a number of times a week, with her son on Friday nights, and up till recently on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons.

She and her husband lived at Mt Stromlo, where Herman worked, from 1952-1976; they then moved to Chapman.

Her gentle and courteous presence will be missed by us all. A willing worker in the kitchen, she was a good Club member who contributed in many ways. We extend our condolences to her husband and their children Kirsty and Martin.

mens urinal 2 web

Bathroom Renovations

The source of the leak has been located and fixed. Preparations are being made for the tiling which will start next week.

Photos of progress will be added to the website gallery as work continues.

Masterpoint Promotions

Grade Members
Graduate Claudia Greenham
 Club Sue Clarke
Maureen Doszpot
 Local Jenny Bergin
Don Ganlath
 *Local Lyn Rainforest
Susan Ryrie
**Local Kate Cush
Regional Kenneth Martyn
*State Cathi Bywater
Bronze Life Ross Davis
John Yoon
Silver Life Andrew Spooner
Gold Grand David Appleton
George Kozakos

Bushfires Survey

Remember only weeks ago when all we talked, and worried, about was bush fires?

ANU is following up on the health effects of the fires last summer. Please follow the link below if you want to participate in a survey:

Bridge Tips

Backwards Finesse

In the backward finesse, the player attempts to force out a higher card in a suit by means of a high-leading finesse, and then finesses against a lower card in the suit.

   North (Dummy)  

♠ A 6 4





♠ Q 8 2


♠ 10 7 5 3




♠ K J 9


In the example above, the standard play would be to finesse East for the Queen, either before or after cashing dummy's Ace. Instead, in the backward finesse South, begins by leading the Jack from hand and passes it if West plays low thereby scoring all three tricks in the suit. But if West covers the Jack with the Queen, South takes the trick with the Ace and then leads the 4 from dummy and finesses East for the 10, again winning all three tricks.

There are a couple of reasons that South might choose to play this way, rather than taking the normal course of finessing East for the queen:

  • South might expect West to hold the Queen because of the bidding or some similar clue.
  • South might want to make an avoidance play, so as to keep West off lead.

Upcoming Events

The club will be closed until the end of June. This temporary closure is in compliance with ACT law on non-essential gatherings and social distancing designed to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  The temporary closure also reflects the Canberra Bridge Club’s concern for the health of our members and the wider community.

The committee will keep members informed about ongoing plans.

Lighter Moments - in the time of COVID

Home Schooling:

Day 2:  Everyone is in detention and the teacher was fined for drinking on the job.

Day 3: Mary Lou hopes she won’t get the same teacher next term.

Day 5: Playing games is educational. Think maths, think Yahtzee.

Think Cluedo: in five minutes it is going to be Dad, in the living room, with the 9 year-old’s recorder.

More lighter moments

 dangerous area sign joke