Newsletter - 7 August 2020

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  • Exit COVID - Stage Left
  • Next week at the Clubrooms
  • Next week on BBO
  • August ABF Newsletter
  • Lighter moments (jokes)
  • July Promotions

From the President:

Jonquils, daffodils, blossom – welcome promises of spring are appearing, or so I like to think.

Best wishes,


Exit Covid – Stage Left

The month of July has seen the restart of face to face bridge at the clubrooms. We presently have three daytime sessions running with about 30 Tables attending each week. We also have six BBO tournaments with about 50 tables each week, a weekly total of 80 tables compared to the 150 tables a week before the “troubles” began.

Under the circumstances, the financial position of the club is reasonable (mainly because the club’s finances have been very well managed over the last 5 years - with significant surpluses), but we now need to focus on preparing for the long road to recovery over the next two or three years.

We need to determine the next step.

So far we do not have any face to face evening sessions at the club. Winter and our ageing demographic had already resulted in a slow demise of the evening sessions. In this Covid environment, some of us (but not everyone) have been content to switch to BBO.

However, Spring is coming and there is a suggestion that we should recommence the Monday evening session in the next month or so (assuming Covid does not raise its ugly head). That session would be multipurpose, including;

  • A walk-in session for normal duplicate players (as prior to Covid).
  • A three-month period of competitive bridge with major events requiring pre-entry (as per the pre-Covid Tuesday night)
  • A novice and beginners group to coincide with the beginners classes which end in mid-September.

Combining these three will maximize the club’s income and minimise the expenses.

We cannot guarantee that this initiative will work. We would love your feedback on the proposal, so please contact the club by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to express an opinion or a suggestion.

Next week at the Clubrooms

For the week commencing Monday 10 August we have three sessions scheduled at the clubrooms

  • Tuesday afternoon 1:15pm                                           Sally Barber
  • Wednesday morning 10.00am                                      Ian Robinson
  • Friday afternoon 1.15pm                                               Ian Robinson

Occasional notes

Vouchers: Must be purchased five vouchers at a time, preferably by direct deposit into CBC bank account, in advance:

  • BSB: 032 730
  • Account no: 355176

Then remember to deposit one voucher in the container in the foyer each time that you play.

"Mingling" - unnecessary interactions between individuals - is forbidden due to problems with the spread of Covid. It may occur when members and staff arrive at the club, or if you are standing too close to your partner between rounds. It is therefore critical that players do not move between rounds until told to do so by the director. Pre-COVID-19 bridge etiquette already required that players stay seated at the end of a round until the director instructed otherwise. COVID-19 amplifies the need for strict adherence to this requirement.

Please read the flyer on each table that outlines the streamlined arrangements for tidying up and handling bridge mates.

Next week on BBO

For the week commencing Monday 10 August, we have scheduled 6 tourneys on BBO.

Tournament Session Director
Monday morning 10:00am  Bruce Crossman
Tuesday evening 7:15pm (imps)  Stephen Fisher
Wednesday morning Novice 10:15am  Barb Toohey
Wednesday evening 7:15pm  Christy Geromboux
Thursday morning 9:55am (imps)  Jodi Tutty
Thursday morning 10:00am (matchpoint)  Jodi Tutty 

Occasional notes

Members can register on the partnership desk if they want an occasional game with another member. If there is a half table at the start of play, an unmatched member can play with a robot if they wish. The club also uses a pair of robots to avoid sit-outs.

If there is a problem at the virtual table, simply call the director and explain the situation. Access to the director is via the "Hamburger” top left of the BBO screen.

More information is available on our BBO pages:

August ABF Newsletter

The August 2020 ABF Newsletter is now available from the ABF Newsletter website

Lighter Moments

When this virus is over, I still want some people to stay away from me.

I don’t like the fact that my chances of survival seem to be linked to other people’s common sense.

TEACHER: David, what is the chemical formula for water?
TEACHER: What are you talking about?
DAVID: Yesterday you said that the formula is H to O.

July Promotions

Graduate: Anne Hanley, Bettye Pearce

**Local: Robert Knapp