Newsletter 8 April


In this week’s newsletter...

  • Progress report on ANC Trials
  • ANC Qualifying - Restricted Butler Pairs - Sunday 24 April 
  • May Mentoring Month
  • Double Shot Coffee deliveries -  the trial continues
  • Autumn Nationals 28 April to 2 May - Adelaide
  • Bridge Tips by Joan Butts
  • Ian Morison Card Play
  • Lighter Moments

From the President

I have heard that some players have complained about slow play by a declarer to the first trick. One of the most basic ideas in bridge is to think and make a plan before playing to the first trick.  Whilst the declarer is thinking how to make the contract, the defenders should also be thinking about how to defeat it. Please remember that not all players are as experienced as you in their declarer  play and make take longer than you to work out a plan of play.

If at any stage of your bridge life you need to know how many masterpoints you have, the ABF has a holding of all members masterpoints at .

Happy bridging, and stay safe.



 A Word on Governance

The CBC Committee meets monthly and copies of the minutes for March are available on the website, in hard copy on the Committee Noticeboard near the Director's desk and also here if you would like to peruse.  

 A reminder as we say in our COVID plan, please monitor yourself for symptoms and stay home if you feel unwell. Yes the Club is open for play on Good Friday and Easter Monday!


Australian National Championship - ACT Trials

It's a hectic time at the Club as Qualifiers for the National Championships continue. Stage 1 for the Open Section Pairs Selection was completed on Tuesday night. Congratulations to the following qualifiers who may compete in the Final on 13-15 May

  1. Bernard Waters & Michael Cullen
  2. Sebastian Yuen & Christy Geromboux
  3. David Hoffman & David Wawn
  4. Janet Kahler & Peter Quach
  5. Des Manderson & Rob Hurst
  6. Roy Nixon & Emlyn Williams 
  7. Tony Marker & Ruitian Lang

These players may change depending on availability.

They will join 3 other pairs featuring people who were part of the Australian effort in the World Championships (George Kozakos & Michael Smart, Ian Thomson & Malcolm Carter and Steven Fischer & Maryanne Bookallil). 

A final 2 pairs will qualify in the 24 April Last Train event at the club from BFACT (the bridge community of the ACT and its affiliated regional clubs in Cooma and Cootamundra). Entries for this close on 21 April 2022

All 12 pairs will play in the finals from 13-15 May 2022.  

The Women's Trials take place this evening, tomorrow and Sunday.  Good luck to all involved!

The Seniors play on 20, 21 and 22 April.  There are 13 pairs competing in the Seniors


Entries are open for playing in the Restricted Butler Pairs in the National Championships flagged below. Entries close Thursday 21 April.  


Breaking News - Still room - Butler Restricted Pairs - Sunday 24 April

Want to go to Adelaide and play at the National Championships?  

  • Restricted Pairs, 2 pairs to win a trip to Adelaide to attend Australian National Championships in July (eligibility criteria apply)
  • Open to PAIRS with each of the two (2) players having fewer than 300 masterpoints as at 31/12/2021.
  • Entries
    • Pre-entry essential.
      • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
      • Use Online Form
    • Entries close Thursday, 21st April 10:00 am. 
    • Late entries accepted only under strict conditions and at the sole discretion of the event organiser.

The Australian Bridge Federation is offering subsidies for two restricted pairs (<300 MP on 31 December 2021) to contest the 2022 ANC Restricted Butler Pairs Championship in Adelaide * All restricted players are welcome to compete, although only those from BFACT affiliated clubs (Canberra, South Canberra, Capital, Monaro and Cootamundra) can win the prize.



During May the club is running a mentoring program to help members wanting to improve their game. If you are a beginner, the club can provide a friendly mentor to help you with some of the fundamentals of bidding, play and defence.

If you are a mid-level player the club will assign a suitable mentor to help you get to the next level of the game. Some of the club’s top players volunteer to be mentors.

Applications for the program close on 27 April. If you are interested in being either a mentee or mentor please complete the application located under the screen in the club’s main playing room, and put it in the orange box.

For any inquiries please contact Anne Fleming on 0410 650 906 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sessions in the Club and on RealBridge are outlined below

Upcoming Sessions

Our weekly sessions

  • Monday morning 10.00am at the club
  • Monday 10.15 am RealBridge
  • Monday 2.00 pm (24 boards) RealBridge
  • Monday 7.00 pm RealBridge
  • Tuesday afternoon 1.00pm at the club
  • Tuesday 7.15pm event at the club
  • Wednesday morning 10.00am at the club
  • Wednesday morning 10.15am RealBridge
  • Wednesday evening supervised at the club 7pm (18 boards following lesson) 
  • Wednesday evening 7.15pm at the club
  • Thursday morning 10.00am at the club - Butler and walk in duplicate
  • Thursday afternoon 2.00pm (24 boards) RealBridge
  • Friday morning supervised 9.30am at the club (18 boards following lesson) 
  • Friday morning walk-in session 9.30am
  • Friday afternoon 1.00pm at the club
  • Friday afternoon 1.15pm RealBridge
  • Saturday afternoon 1.15pm RealBridge

Watch the newsletters and website for advice on face-to-face sessions at the club, and RealBridge sessions as these are fluid, depending on COVID developments and demand.  At this stage it is intended that the Monday and Thursday afternoon RealBridge sessions will continue indefinitely.  

Member table money will be deducted from players CBCPay accounts. Visitors' fees will be paid for by their member-partner, or via prior arrangement by emailing the office.

Cost: face-to-face $10 members/ $13 visitors, concession $9.  RealBridge $8 members and $7 concession (including event) $10 visitors

Links to sessions are on our RealBridge page.


CBC Pay statements went out last Friday and we were inundated with feedback.  Thursday March 10 afternoon session was inadvertently entered as Friday 11 March evening session.  Tuesday 29 March evening event was incorrectly labelled Thursday 31st March.  The amounts for both of these were correct, only the dates were wrong so there should be no need to adjust CBC pay accounts.  

Please remember to put your ABF number in bank transfers to assist in getting the funds to your account.  



April Supervised Sessions happening Wednesday nights and Friday Mornings at the Club

We run supervised duplicates on Wednesday evenings starting at 7.00pm and Friday mornings starting at 9.30 am. 

Each duplicate is preceded by a short lesson.  During April we will be offering the following lessons:

  • 1 April: Overcalls
  • 6 & 8 April: Opening leads and signals
  • 13 April:  Signals
  • 20 & 22 April: Declarer play:  ABC of planning
  • 27 & 29 April: Declarer Play: Trumping losers and discarding

If you are interested please come along.  There is no need to book.  If you want to know more get in touch with Morag Lokan.  Morag’s email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Master the Basics

Barb Toohey is travelling during April so the only Master the Basics Session will be Thursday 21 April. The topic is Bidding 1 NT and Responses! If you want to register, the cost is $6 for members and $8 for non-members.  Please email if you want to be added to the notification list and get on Zoom.  


Upcoming Events

Barry Turner Teams

Barry Turner was a long-time treasurer of the ACTBA/BFACT. He was primarily responsible for securing the finances for building the CBC clubrooms. This Honour Board Event goes for three weeks straight after the open trials (Tuesday evening from 12 April ) The Final on the fourth week is 1 v 2 provisionally scheduled for Wednesday after the third week. 

Red Masterpoints. The format will be dependant on entries but likely to be Swiss pairs. 

  • The entry fee is $13 per player per night. All member payments will be processed through CBCPay. Non-member players should contact the managers (email below) to organise payment.
  • Enter by:
    • contacting the managers -- Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Online

Misfits: To Bid or Not? with Joan Butts

As Marty Bergen says in his famous book “Points Schmoints”,

”It would be nice if your side had a good fit on every hand, but life is not like that."
Here’s his suggested remedy:
”When you sense a misfit, stop bidding ASAP.”

Good advice, thanks Marty! There’s no point in constantly telling partner that you have six or seven cards in your suit, if he is telling you the same thing about his: where are you going? For sure, the WORST place is no trumps.

The lack of entries is the problem, and holding only one stopper in an opponent’s suit doesn’t mean you’ll take nine tricks in 3NT. If you hold a singleton in partner’s first suit, you won’t be able to reach their hand unless you have external entries.


Ian Morison - If in (who, me? take a risk? no way!)

Here is a hand from this week at the club. It is a good illustrator of the old bridge adage - ‘If in doubt – bid!


Dealer E, Nil Vul





Q9643                                                 J10872

KQJ6432                                               7

4                                                             10963

-                                                              K103





The bidding:

The bidding went East Pass, South 1D, West 4H, then passed out..West has the perfect hand to bid 4H – a 7-5-1 shape, 4 losers and NV. Bidding at that level makes life hard for NS. The problem with bidding 1H, 2H or 3H is it is easier for NS to find their way to a makeable contract.  West can expect partner to cover 1 loser (even though East has already passed), so 4H might make

The play:

DA lead. The play was quite simple – West lost the obvious 4 tricks, 1 down = - 50

But EW got a top score

6C by NS can make with careful play – expect HK lead, but nothing else matters. [6D can make if after clearing the losing Heart in Dummy with SA, SK you take the losing Club Finesse after discovering the bad Diamond break - before the Defence forces you to shorten your Diamonds in hand – try playing it with the HK lead or any other lead]


What should NS have done over 4H by West?

In my view, North should bid 5C over 4H. He is NV, has a good 6 card suit, 9 points and 4 of Partner’s Diamonds. He can always revert to 5D later if doubled

You can say it is risky – 4H might go down, and if 5C goes down, this is a bad result. I would still bid it – fortune favours brave bidders


Bid 5H. Tighten the screws. The same analysis applies as the 4H bid


 Maybe 6C for the really brave?


Maybe 6H? But I would not – 6C may well go down


Bridge is about bidding with shapely hands. West should bid 4H over 1D, North should bid 5C, West 5H, and South (perhaps) should bid 6C, with 19 points and with 4 Clubs


Lighter Moments

 Thanks to Peter Giles for this week's lighter moments:

I asked my grandpa "After 65 years you still call Grandma darling, beautiful and honey.  What's the secret?" He said "I forgot her name 5 years ago and I'm too scared to ask her."


Me: (sobbing my heart out, eyes swollen, nose red).....I can't see you anymore... I am not going to let you hurt me like this again!

Trainer: It was a sit up.  You did one sit up


 A man asked his wife  "what would you do if I won the lottery? She replied "I'd take half and leave you."  "Great" he said, "I won $12, here's $6...stay in touch..."


 Sex after surgery.  A recent article in the Daily Post reported that a man, Dave Harper, sued St Paul's Hospital, saying that after hsi wife had surgery there, she lost all interest in sex.  A hospital spokesman replied "Mrs Harper was admitted for cataract surgery. All we did was correct her eyesight." 


 Told my wife I wanted to be cremated. She made an appointment for Tuesday.  


Confuse your doctor by putting on the rubber gloves at the same time he does.  


This 'killing them with kindness' is taking way longer than we expected.  


 The coffee trial with Double Shot continues - note that if there are not enough orders they will only do a single delivery. 

Thanks a wrap from us.


Tamara (for Kerry and Tamara)