Newsletter 13 May 2022

In this week’s newsletter...

  • Promotions in April
  • Casual Dealer Position Vacant - 5-6 hours per fortnight
  • Please register by next Wednesday for Novice Lesson "Even More Tricks for your Bucks" and Session - Saturday 21 May
  • Australian National Congress Territory/State finals for the Open and Seniors this weekend and next
  • CBC Presidents' Teams from 24 May
  • Australia-Wide Novice Pairs - 25 May
  • Bridge Tips by Joan Butts
  • The Bridge of Kazad-dum Part 2 by Hilda Hills
  • Card Play with Ian Morison
  • Lighter Moments

From the President

The Committee is already starting to think about the AGM. If any member of the Club is interested in joining the Committee next  year, please speak to any one of the Committee members about the commitment involved. A list of all committee members (and their photos) is attached to the cupboard door outside the lower kitchen.

Congratulations to Christy Geromboux and  Sebastian Yuen for winning the Mixed Pairs at the Autumn Nationals in Adelaide. A great achievement.

Stay safe and enjoy your bridge.



A Word on Governance

The CBC Committee Meeting Minutes are available on the website, here and in hard copy on the noticeboard behind the director if you want to peruse.  


ABF Promotions in April 2022

     We have been advised of the following following promotions during April 2022.  

                                                 Graduated To                                        From

  • Karen Carlin                                   Graduate                   
  • Deryck Clarke                                Graduate                            
  • Robin Edwards                              Graduate
  • Rory O'Brien                                  Graduate
  • Jeanne Sainsbury                          Graduate
  • Susanne Townsend                       Graduate
  • Judy Banfield                                   Club                                           Graduate
  • Margaret Lee                                   Club                                           Graduate
  • Graham MacKinnell                        Local                                              Club
  • Bob Quach                                     Local                                               Club
  • Robert Buining                                Bronze Local                                 Local
  • Annabelle Boag                              Bronze Regional                          Regional 

Congratulations to all!


Sessions in the Club and on RealBridge are outlined below

Upcoming Sessions

Our weekly sessions

  • Monday morning 10.00am at the club
  • Monday 2.00 pm (24 boards) RealBridge
  • Monday 7.00 pm RealBridge
  • Tuesday afternoon 1.00pm at the club
  • Tuesday 7.15pm event RealBridge
  • Wednesday morning 10.00am at the club
  • Wednesday morning 10.15am RealBridge
  • Wednesday evening supervised at the club 7pm (18 boards following lesson) 
  • Wednesday evening 7.15pm at the club
  • Thursday morning 10.00am at the club - Butler and walk in duplicate
  • Thursday afternoon 2.00pm (24 boards) RealBridge
  • Friday morning supervised 9.30am at the club (18 boards following lesson) 
  • Friday morning walk-in session 9.30am
  • Friday afternoon 1.00pm at the club
  • Friday afternoon 1.15pm RealBridge
  • Saturday afternoon 1.15pm RealBridge

Watch the newsletters and website for advice on face-to-face sessions at the club, and RealBridge sessions as these are fluid, depending on COVID developments and demand.  At this stage it is intended that the Monday and Thursday afternoon RealBridge sessions will continue indefinitely.  

Member table money will be deducted from players CBCPay accounts. Visitors' fees will be paid for by their member-partner, or via prior arrangement by emailing the office.

Cost: face-to-face $10 members/ $13 visitors, concession $9.  RealBridge $8 members and $7 concession (including event) $10 visitors

Links to sessions are on our RealBridge page.

CBC Statements went out early this week.  Please check your statements and email us if you have any issues.  We will attempt to fix in a timely manner.  

We like to think we are pretty good at matching payments to accounts.  Sometimes however details provided are sketchy and we need to resort to mass participation to find the depositors. Imagine the head scratching over "Deposit EMB SMB Annual fees etc"  No ABF number or name... Please let us know if this is you so we can match to your account.  


Mentoring in May has kicked off with 24 partnerships arranged. Perhaps you have some of the mentors and mentees already.  


Double Shot Coffee Delivery Service - Use It or Lose It

Call in to Double Shot on your way to bridge to order and pay for a coffee to be delivered at 11 am. We realise that it would be great if you didn’t have to actually call in, however there's currently no other way to pay for your coffee. Any suggestions warmly welcomed to Jennifer Yeats (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  


Position Vacant - Dealing the boards at the clubrooms

A part time job of about 5-6 hours a fortnight (in one shift) is available at the clubrooms from early June.

The work would suit a university student or year 11 or 12 student with reasonable computer skills and good attention to detail. The position is ideally suited to someone wanting to avoid working at a supermarket or fast food chain and the pay is somewhat better.

Enquiries to Ian Robinson on 0417 945704.


May Supervised Sessions happening Wednesday nights and Friday Mornings at the Club

We run supervised duplicates on Wednesday evenings starting at 7.00pm and Friday mornings starting at 9.30 am.  

Each duplicate is preceded by a short lesson. The May lessons are as follows:

  • 18 & 20 May: responses to NT and Stayman
  • 25 & 27 May: Higher level opening bids

If you are interested please come along.  There is no need to book.  If you want to know more get in touch with Morag Lokan.  Morag’s email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Master the Basics

 Master the Basics virtual lessons are onThursdays at 9.00am. The topic next week is Transfers - Showing a Second Suit.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to be added to the Zoom class.

The lessons run for 30 minutes.  


Upcoming Events

Last Chance to Register for "Even More Tricks for Your Bucks" Lesson and Two Novice and Restricted Comps - Saturday 21 May

Get your voting done before or after, then join us (again) at the clubrooms on Saturday afternoon 21 May for a friendly one session pairs event (with Butler scoring*). This will be preceded by a short Kantar style lesson hosted by Jodi Tutty.

Bring your own lunch or sneak across the road to a Deakin café.

Two divisions – Novice (up to 50 Masterpoints per player)

Restricted (50 to 300 Masterpoints per player)

Cost for the lesson and session play is $20 per member and $25 for visitors

Session-only entries can be accommodated for a cost of $12

Lesson-only entries may be accommodated (subject to space) for $14

Enter on the CBC website entry lists in the what’s on tab (top of page in the middle)

Red Masterpoints will be awarded

Payment will be by CBCPay for members and bank deposit for visitors (No cash on the day)

*Butler scoring is an approximation of teams scoring where your team ‘partners’ are the average of all the other scores on each hand played.

ANC Finals 

Good luck to all the Australian National Congress Territory/State finalists for the Open playing at the club this weekend and the Seniors next Weekend.  May the cards, bids and finesses be with you!


CBC President's Teams Championship

The President's Teams Championships is a three week event, starting May 24 2022 using the RealBridge platform.

  • Dates:  24 May, 31 May & June 7
  • Time:   Tuesdays at 7.15pm
  • Teams can include between 4 and 6 players
  • RED Masterpoints
  • Entry fee $8 members, $10 visitors
  • Teams scoring

Entry methods:

  • Use the Online Entry Form or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Australia-Wide Novice Pairs

Newer players wanting to test themselves nationally may be interested that South Canberra Bridge Club is hosting a round of the Australian Novice Pairs on Wednesday 25 May.  Details are here.


Declarer Play in No Trumps with Joan Butts

Quick Tips

  • Don't panic if you hold only one stopper in the suit the opponents lead, as it's still possible to make your contract even if you have NO stoppers (it depends how that suit divides against you)  
  • When making your plan, at first count only the definite winners in no trumps, not tricks that need to be developed later
  • Promotion requires that you give up the lead once, twice or more in order to turn your middle cards into winners
  • When developing tricks through length (you have more cards than the opponents do in a suit), the way the suit divides against you will dictate how many winners you will make
  • Sometimes you might “duck” (lose) a trick on purpose, allowing the opponents to win early, thus ensuring you'll take long suit winners later
  • Sometimes you might “duck” a trick in the hope of breaking the defenders' communications, so that one hand can't reach their partner's hand later.

The Bridge of Khazad-dum (part 2) by Hilda Hills

[originally published in Australian Bridge, April 1987]

The Balrog's temper flared up again when he saw the junk Gollum had dealt him for the second deal of the rubber:

S K4

H T754

D 862

C J852

When Gollum passed as dealer the Balrog was surprised to hear Gandalf preempt 3C - until Aragorn alerted and explained that that opening bid naturally showed nine playing tricks in clubs. Aragorn bid 3D, Gandalf cuebid 3H and Aragorn cuebid 3S. Now Gandalf jumped to 5C, promising a solid club suit. Aragorn did likewise, jumping to 6D; a tactical error as Gandalf hideous hogged to declare 7NT.

This left the Balrog to select the opening lead. After analysing the bidding he felt much happier. He knew that Gandalf's clubs were not running, and that Aragorn held the ace of spades. A textbook case for removing declarer's spade finesse option by leading the four of spades.


--------------------------------------S AQJ

--------------------------------------H J96

--------------------------------------D AKQJT

--------------------------------------C 74

The Balrog-------------------------------------------------------Gollum

S K4-------------------------------------------------------------S 986532

H T754----------------------------------------------------------H Q832

D 862------------------------------------------------------------D 754

C J852-----------------------------------------------------------C ----


---------------------------------------S T7

---------------------------------------H AK

---------------------------------------D 93

---------------------------------------C AKQT963

Gandalf looked suspiciously at the opening lead, and was tempted to finesse. But then he thought of the hoots from the goblin kibitzers at him trying a 50% line instead of a 95% line. So the wizard rose with dummy's ace of spades. He then led a club, and the Balrog's smirk when Gollum discarded made Gandalf vow that in future he would trust his instincts.

Gandalf the Grey grew greyer. His only hope now, with just eleven tricks, was a progressive squeeze against the Balrog. But the Balrog had led very quickly, which was authorised information to that fiend's foe. Gandalf reasoned, "With all three picture cards surely the Balrog would have at least considered a passive diamond lead?"

Suddenly Gandalf realised that he could show the Balrog his own conjurer's deceptive ploy. Confidently the wizard crossed to dummy with a diamond and pulled the jack of hearts. Gollum looked askance at this card, then hissed, "Mine, preciousss," and covered with the queen. Gandalf won, cashed his other heart winner, then returned to dummy with his last diamond to run them. This was the situation when the last diamond hit the table:


---------------------------------------S QJ

---------------------------------------H 9

---------------------------------------D T

---------------------------------------C 7

The Balrog-------------------------------------------------------Gollum

S K---------------------------------------------------------------S trying

H T---------------------------------------------------------------H to

D ----  -----------------------------------------------------------D look

C J85------------------------------------------------------------C inconspicuous


---------------------------------------S ----

---------------------------------------H ----

---------------------------------------D ----

---------------------------------------C KQT96

Despairingly the Balrog threw his heart, but now the nine of hearts was led and he was squeezed again.

The Balrog tore up his cards, burst into flames, and grabbed Gandalf with his whip. "Let's step outside!" he fumed. However, as they had been playing bridge ON the Bridge, the step was a long one. As they fell into the abyss, Gandalf was still giving helpful advice to the Balrog:

"Fly, you fool!"

NEXT WEEK: The Mirror of Galadriel



How to Bid to 7NT with Ian Morison


How do you bid this hand?


Dealer W, Both Vul





A9                                                             KQJ

AKJ652                                                     Q4

2                                                                 AQJ8

Q1075                                                        AK96







  1. West bids 1H, knowing it is a hand with extra values – a singleton and a 6 card suit headed by AK, and a second suit in Clubs
  1. North passes
  2. East has a big hand – 22 HCP. Given West has opened, at least a small slam is on
  1. At our table, we were NS. East replied 4C (Gerber) and after a reply of 2 Aces, asked for Kings and signed off in 6NT
  1. But there are 13 tricks on top!
  1. What should East bid over the 1H opening? Firstly, there no easy way for East to tell partner: ‘I have 22 points’ so East must take charge. Secondly, there is no hurry to do this. East knows partner has between 11 and 19 points to open – if it is just a bare opening, then 6H or 6NT will suffice. If West has more points, then perhaps 7H or 7NT is on. So, the aim is to find out more about West’s hand
  1. Just bid 2C. It is a one round force – West must bid again
  1. West could then support partner’s Clubs, but again, there is no hurry. West’s hand is even stronger now with Clubs being partner’s suit
  1. West is too strong for 2H and has no Diamond cover for 2NT or 3NT
  1. In my view, I would repeat Hearts by bidding 3H. It shows a good 6-card suit and 15-16 points. Sure, you are not quite there – but what a great hand
  1. Also, Hearts score better than Clubs, and you need 1 less trick at the game level
  1. So 3H it is
  1. East thinks - now 7H or 7NT is likely - partner has 15 -16 points (combined 36-37 points) plus a good 6 card suit
  1. I would ask for Aces and then Kings. If you use simple Blackwood, you will hear 2 Aces, and then 1 King (or if you use RKCB you will hear 3 key cards – must be 2 Aces and HK)
  1. Then bid 7NT (or 7H if you are a bit timid)


  1. I like the 1:3 jump showing a very good suit of at least 6 cards and 15-16 points. It tells partner a great deal
  1. Sure, here you are 1 point short, but you have a great hand at the start, made greater by partner’s 2C bid. So stretching is quite OK


  1. Firstly, don’t rush your bidding. Secondly, as the bidding progresses, hands can be revalued

Lighter Moments

A first grade teacher had 26 students in her class. She presented each child in her classroom the first half of a well known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb,  It's hard to believe these were actually done by first graders.  

  1. Don't change horses..... until they stop running.
  2. Strike while the..... bug is close.
  3. It's always darkest before......Daylight Saving Time.
  4. Never understimate the power of.....termites.
  5. You can lead a horse to water
  6. Don't bite the hand that....loooks dirty. 
  7. No news is.....impossible.
  8. A miss is as good as a..... Mr.
  9. You can't teach an old dog new......math.
  10. If you lie down with dogs, you'll......stink in the morning.  
  11. Love all, trust....... me.
  12. The pen is mightier than the......pigs
  13. An idle mind is.....the best way to relax.
  14. Where there's smoke there's.....pollution.
  15. Happy the bride..... gets all the presents.
  16. a penny saved is ....not much
  17. Two's company, three's....the Musketeers.  
  18. Don't put off till tomorrow put on to go to bed.
  19. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. cry and.... you have to blow your nose.
  20. There are none so blind as ..... Stevie Wonder.
  21. Children should be seen and not......spanked or grounded.
  22. If at first you don't succeed....get new batteries.
  23. You get out of something only what you..... see in the picture on the box.
  24. When the blind lead the blind.....get out of the way.
  25. A bird in the going to poop on you.
  26. Better late than.....pregnant.  


Tamara (for Kerry and Tamara)