Newsletter 1 July 2022


In this week’s newsletter...

  • Welcome New Members
  • Last Free RealBridge Seminars ...  Counting and Card Placement next Wednesday
  • Pianola lesson for beginners
  • BFACT Interclub Teams - 3 July
  • GNOT Qualifying Teams -  Tues 19 and 26 July 
  • Bridge Tips by Joan Butts

From the President

IPlease remember to enter in your diaries, the date of the Club’s AGM, which is on Wednesday 5 October 2022 at 5.30pm. If you are considering becoming a member of the Committee, please speak to any of the existing Committee members to find out more about of the present Committee’s activities.

The Club’s COVID plan advises persons who play at the Club to wear a face mask as an extra protection against COVID, which is certainly active in the Canberra community .   When wearing a face mask, please ensure that it covers your mouth and nose to provide maximum protection to you.

Please enjoy your bridge and stay safe.



Good luck to all the members heading to Adelaide over the next couple of weeks for the State Championships.

Especially the teams representing the Canberra Bridge Club.

Due to the increasing Covid cases in Canberra please consider wearing a mask while playing Bridge at the Club.


Beginner's Classes

We've passed the solstice but it 's still wonderful weather for bridge! Our next beginner’s classes start in August on 17 and 19 August.  We have two sets of classes -  Wednesday – 7pm to 9pm (generally for people who can't commit during the day) and Friday 10am to 12 noon.  The classes run for 6 weeks. If you know someone who would like to learn to play bridge please tell them about our classes.  They can register interest on the club website or by talking to the managers. The cost is $69. 

Encouraging a younger cohort of players is beneficial and will ensure succession planning for our great game.  So if you know someone that you think may be interested in learning please consider a gift of lessons or just plant the seed that face-to-face lessons kickoff in the middle of next month.  


Free teaching seminar by international expert on RealBridge

CBC members have been provided with the opportunity to take part in 4 free hour long event over the next four weeks on a Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm arranged by Andrew Robson in conjunction with RealBridge. Andrew Robson is an international player who regularly represents England, a highly regarded author and the Bridge correspondent for The Times (of London).

The final session is on 6 July 2022.  

We will be playing four boards selected by Andrew to cover a specific topic ( week 4: Counting and Card Placement), followed by viewing a video of Andrew giving his insight into one of the boards, and access to his detailed analysis of all four boards.

Enter via the RealBridge button on our homepage and the link.You can come with a partner or without and the director will match you up in the lobby.  

If you've not used RealBridge below please try the troubleshooting advice on the website to make sure your computer has its camera and microphone setting sorted or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for practical assistance.  Rob will generally respond within 24 hours.  Please don't leave it until the last day!


Pianola Lessons for Beginners

Rick Nehmey will hold a free Pianola lesson for beginners in the Olive Lott room on Wednesday, July 13 at 9.15am - 9.45am.


Sessions in the Club and on RealBridge are outlined below

Upcoming Sessions

Our weekly sessions are the same as last week with one vital change:

  • Monday morning 10.00am at the club
  • Monday 2.00 pm (24 boards) RealBridge
  • Monday 7.00 pm RealBridge
  • Tuesday afternoon 1.00pm at the club
  • Tuesday 7.15pm event RealBridge - Winter Butler Pairs
  • Wednesday morning 10.00am at the club
  • Wednesday morning 10.15am RealBridge
  • Wednesday 2.30pm RealBridge Lesson on Fourth Suit Forcing - FREE
  • Wednesday evening supervised at the club 7pm (18 boards following lesson) 
  • Wednesday evening 7.15pm at the club
  • Thursday morning 10.00am at the club - Butler and walk in duplicate
  • Thursday afternoon 2.00pm (24 boards) RealBridge
  • Friday morning supervised 9.30am at the club (18 boards following lesson) 
  • Friday morning walk-in session 9.30am
  • Friday afternoon 1.00pm at the club
  • Friday afternoon 1.15pm RealBridge
  • Saturday afternoon 1.15pm RealBridge

Watch the newsletters and website for advice on face-to-face sessions at the club, and RealBridge sessions as these are fluid, depending on COVID developments and demand.  At this stage it is intended that the Monday and Thursday afternoon RealBridge sessions will continue indefinitely.  

Member table money will be deducted from players CBCPay accounts. Visitors' fees will be paid for by their member-partner, or via prior arrangement by emailing the office.

Cost: face-to-face $10 members/ $13 visitors, concession $9.  RealBridge $8 members and $7 concession (including event) $10 visitors

Links to sessions are on our RealBridge page.

Monthly statements will go out shortly.  Please check your statement and email us if there's any discrepancies.  


July Supervised Sessions happening Wednesday nights and Friday Mornings at the Club

We run supervised duplicates on Wednesday evenings starting at 7.00pm and Friday mornings starting at 9.30 am.  

Each duplicate is preceded by a short lesson. 

Our supervised lessons in July will. Cover:

  • 6 & 8 July: Rule of 15
  • 13 & 15 July: Pe-emptive openings
  • 20 & 22 July:  Weak 2D/2H/2S openings
  • 27 & 29 July:  Strong 2C openings

If you are interested, please come along.  You don’t need a partner.   There is no need to book.  If you would like a copy of the notes, please contact Morag Lokan.  Morag’s email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Master the Basics

 Master the Basics virtual lessons are onThursdays at 9.00am. The topic next week is Competitive Bidding - So the Opponents Have Bid.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to be added to the Zoom class. $6 for members and $8 for non-members. This is almost the cheapest training on the planet at the moment!

The lessons run for 30 minutes.  


Upcoming Events


 BFACT Interclub Teams - 3 July

The InterClub Teams (  is being planned for Sunday 3 July at the Southern Cross Club in Woden with details on the hyperlink.  


Grand National Qualifying Teams

The Qualifying round for the Grand National Open Teams are on 19 and 26 July on RealBridge.  There are non compulsory ACT finals face to face on Wednesday night in August.  If you make it to the Finals they are in Brisbane in November.  

Consider forming a team of four to six people and entering. 


 Wagga Wagga Bridge Club 42nd Annual Congress

The Wagga Wagga Bridge Club is holding it's Annual Congress on Friday19th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of August. There are entry forms at the CBC


Drawing Inferences from Partners Lead with Joan Butts


Inferences (Clues from Partner's Lead) 

Quick Tips

  • If partner holds a touching sequence in a suit (eg ♠KQJ10x), they will generally lead the top card of that sequence to promote winners
  • When they don’t lead their suit, it may be that they hold a broken sequence (eg ♠AQ1074), and don’t want to lead it until they know where the other honours are, or…
  • They may need to see what’s in dummy, or…
  • They may need you to lead their suit, through declarer’s hand
  • If partner doesn’t lead the suit they preempt in, it’s usually because they hold a singleton in the suit they do choose to lead


Be kind to each other.    


Kerry (for Kerry and Tamara)