State GNOT Teams Qualifying Realbridge
2 week Qualifying Competition from 19 & 26 July with finals F2F in August

GNOT Qualifier Updated


TUESDAY EVENINGS, 19 &26  at 7:00 pm on RealBridge

  • Anyone can enter.  Teams are of 4 to 6 people.  
  • Top 4 accepting teams will play face to face finals on Wednesdays in August 2022
  • The top winning team qualifies as Canberra 1 for the 2022 GNOT National Final.  
  • Program:
    • 2 evenings of TEAM play commencing at 7:15 pm, round robin format
    • Final  top 4 accepting teams will play face to face on Wednesday Evenings in August  (no obligation to play finals)
  • GOLD Masterpoints, State GW 5.0 UUG (6 sessions)
  • Entry Conditions:
    • Pre-entry essential
    • Entries close Monday 18th July at 10:00 am
    • Late entries accepted only under strict conditions and at the sole discretion of the organiser
  • Entry Method:
    • Online entry
    • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  • Cost:
    • $8 per session, concessions $7
    • See Table Fees here

                     Current Entries                 

 1.   Julia Hoffman, Pam Crichton, David Hoffman, Richard Brightling

 2.   George Kozakos, Andrew Spooner, Stephen Fisher, David Appleton

3.  Peter Kahler, Adrienne Stephens, Janet Kahler, Peter Quach

4.  Lyn Turner , Penelope Shilling, Roger Curnow, Gita Curnow

5.  Tony Marinos, Peter Grant, Stephen Mendick, Karen Creet

6.  Michael Cullen, Bruce Crossman, Niek Van Vucht, Bernard Waters

7.  Jennifer Carter, Ruitian Lang, Malcolm Carter, Lyn Carter

8. Cathy Nichols, John Niven, Moira Sharp, Ashok Tulpule

9.  Ian Dalziell, Trevor Berenger, Alex Hewat, George Stockham

10. West Savery, Perelle Scales, Alaine MacMorran, Fiona Hickey


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