Melbourne Cup Luncheon, Tuesday 6th November

Lunch, Competitions (gold coin to charity)
Sweeps (arrive early to buy)

Melbourne Cup Graphic

-- Play at 10am 

 Volunteers (see below)  please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The cost
  - play and lunch $36 for members
  - play and lunch $43 for non members.
  - lunch only is $26.
  - play only usual table fees apply

 - This year money will be collected at the table.
 - Any cancellations require two full days notice
   (i.e. 1.00pm Friday 2nd November).
 - Cancellations after that date require full payment.

Flowers Please
 - To brighten our club rooms for this event could members
    please bring flowers to club on Monday 5th November.

Volunteers -- Monday 5th November
* Donate and/or assist in arranging flowers
* Help with set up of rooms
* Prepare for Tuesday's Lunch

Volunteers -- Tuesday 6th November
* Help with preparing and setting up for lunch
* Assist with clean up


                     Current Entries                

1. Peter Giles & Jim Collier

2. Maureen Blackmore & Pat Skinner

3. Elizabeth Chisholm & Dorothy Holt

4. Sunny Campbell & Stephen Carter

5. John Daly & Adrienne Stephens

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