CBC Medley Teams, 3 week Competition from 6 December

Medley TeamsTHURSDAY EVENINGS, 6, 13 & 20 December 
  Online Entry Form
*Butler Scoring, 3x9 board rounds per session
* During a session each team member plays one round with each other team member
*RED  Masterpoints, IMP/VP Scoring,
   MP Rating MP rating 1T3 GW 3.75

 Entries close Wednesday, 5th December, 1:00 pm
    Please note late entries not usually accepted.  Please discuss with Director.

                     Current Entries                

  1. T Marker, B Tutty, G Henderson, M Cullen
  2. J & V Brockwell,E Williams, J Kahler
  3. B. Crossman, A. Powell, J. Mendick, S. Mendick
  4. S. Campbell, J. Davis, T. Arnold, L. Turner
  5. N Van Vucht, P McDonald, S Carter, D Gallagher, T Davis