Valentine's Day Congress
Sunday, 10th February from 10:00 am

Valentines Day Congress  
  • Prizes for all categories
  • RED Masterpoints
  • Director:     Bruce Crossman
  • Run as three (3) different competitions (novice and restricted players will play within their own group as much as possible)d
    • Novice Butler Pairs (fewer than 150 masterpoints per pair)
    • Restricted Butler Pairs (fewer than 600 masterpoints per pair)
    • Open Swiss Teams play either 48 (6x8) or 49 (7x7) boards
    • Grand Slam players please see here for masterpoint equivalence
  • Program
    • 10:00 am Play, please be seated by 9:45 am -- light refreshments available throughout the morning
    • 1:10 pm Light Lunch 
    • 5:30 pm Presentaton & Awards with Nibbles & Drinks included
  • Entry methods:
    • Use the Online Entry Form
    • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
    • sign-up on the sheet on the Noticeboard
  • Entries
    • close 10:00 am, Wednesday 6th February 2019
    • accepted at Tournament Organiser's sole discretion
    • Late entries accepted only under strict conditions and at the Director's sole discretion
  • Cost including refreshments:
    • $37 per player
    • $40 for Canberra based non-ABF members


Current Entries
Open Teams      Restricted Pairs     Novice Pairs
  1. Chris & Mary Tough, Colin & Gayle Webb
  2. John Donovan, Margaret Bourke, Sally Barber, Arjuna De Livera
  3. Bill & Jodi Tutty, Pam & Ross Crichton
  4. Perelle Scales, Nikki Riszko, Andrew Struick, Brian Thorp
  1. Peter & Sue Clarke
  2. Nola Arnold & Sau-Yem Lo
  3. Claire Marlow & Gerhard Zatscher
  4. Judy Netting & Dorothy Holt
  5. Jann White & Jane Young

Butler Pairs Scoring

Butler scoring is a method of scoring a pairs events that is nearer to teams scoring. For each board, a "par" is calculated from ALL results in your direction;  your score is the International Match Point (IMP) score for your result compared with "par". There are various methods used to calculate par, one of the more common methods is to take the average of the results after removing the top and bottom scores.  

In IMP scoring for each board the total point difference between the two scores compared is converted into IMPs according to the scale shown

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Grand Slam Masterpoint Equivalence

Comparability between Grand Slam ranking and ABF masterpoints:

  • ABF < 100 masterpoints = Grand Slam ranking < 54
  • ABF < 300 masterpoints = Grand Slam ranking < 56
  • ABF < 750 masterpoints = Grand Slam ranking < 59

Entry at the discretion of the tournament organiser.

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