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The Canberra Bridge Club has secured the rights to present educational material prepared by
Eddie Kantar, World Championship Winner and highly prolific author and successful teachers. 
Lessons will be presented on:

  Kantar Sun 28 Apr 2019Kantar Eddie Phoo

Eddie Kantar is a professional bridge player, writer, teacher and member of the Bridge
Hall of Fame. He won two World Champion and thirteen North American Championship
titles. Eddie writes regularly for numerous bridge magazines around the world and is a
frequent host on bridge cruises.   

Visit his website here http://www.kantarbridge.com/

Sunday, 28th April 2019, 10am to Noon

Jodi Tutty
  • TOPIC:                          Even More Tricks as Declarer, Counting the Hand.
  • TEACHER:                    Jodi Tutty
  • COST:                            $20 for members
  • INCLUDES:                    Learning/Teaching session, notes and short practice play



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