GNOT Daytime Qualifying Matchpoint Pairs

 2 day competition, Mondays, 26th August and 2nd September

The winning CBC pair will receive FREE ENTRY to the 
GNOT Provincial Team Final on Sunday, 29th September -- the BFACT run Gala Day Pairs 9:30 am

 Any member of any Canberra club is eligible to represent the CANBERRA region.  All members of clubs in regions surrounding the ACT are eligible for the ACT PROVINCIAL TEAM;

Canberra club members with fewer than 300 masterpoints are also eligible for ACT PROVINCIAL.

 MONDAY MORNINGS, 10:00am 26th August and 2nd September

  • Usual Monday Scoring, 
  • GOLD Masterpoints
  • Entry methods --
    • Just come along, no pre-entry required.
    • All participants automatically entered
  •  There is no additional entry fee, just normal table money.


                     Current Entries                 

  1. No Pre-Entry Required, Walk-in Session


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