State Open Pairs logo Championship

 4 week competition, 20th, 27th August, 7:00 pm 3rd & 10th September 7:30 pm

The winning pair will be the 2019 ACT Open Pairs Champions


    • 20th, 27th August, 7:00 pm
    • 3rd and 10th September, 7:30 pm
  • Butler Scoring, 3x9 or 4x7 board rounds each session
  • RED Masterpoints, MP rating 1BU GW 5.0 
  • Entry methods --
    • Online here
    • Sign-up sheet on noticeboard in Barry Turner Room
  • Entries close Monday, 10:00 am 19th August, late entries accepted only under strict conditions
  • Please see Table Fees for costs


                     Current Entries                 

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