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Session Times

Due to COVID-19, our club is not currently operating at our regular session times. Please do not use the below information.
Instead, please view our latest newsletter or our homepage for our schedule.

Caberra Bridge Club sessions are usually 3 hours and 15 minutes duration with the exception of Friday mornings where 24 boards only are played with a finish time of around 12:45pm.

The Club tries to keep to this timetable but occasionally a session may end a little early or run a little over depending on things like speed of play, technical difficulties and so on.

Also see: Supervised Sessions starting times.

Regular Duplicate Session Times

 Daytime Year RoundSummertime Evenings Wintertime Evenings



19:15 events

  Tuesday   13:15    
  Wednesday     10:00

19:00pm Supervised


  Thursday   10:00    

9:45 (walk-in)
10:00 Supervised


  Saturday     No session No Session
  Sunday   Special Events Only

Please be seated at least 15 minutes prior to commencement of play.

Monday Morning * Walk-in Matchpoint Pairs
  Evening *


Walk-in Pairs using BOTH Matchpoint and Handicap scoring.
A mini-lesson is given before supervised play focusing on the topic of the lesson.
24 boards only are played.

Tuesday Afternoon  * Walk-in One-in-All-in Matchpoint Pairs, non stratified movement.
Wednesday           Morning *


10am Walk-in Matchpoint Pairs

  Evening *  
Thursday Morning *
10am Walk-in Matchpoint Pairs
10am Walk-in Butler Pairs
  Evening *

Normally multi-week events requiring pre-entry. 

They include many Club and State championship events.
Thursday evenings are a good opportunity for players to transition to more competitive events.
See our Club Calendar and Upcoming Events pages for further details.

Friday Morning * 9:30am Sharp, 30 minute mini-lesson before start of Supervised Play.

  Afternoon *  13:15pm Walk-in Matchpoint Pairs, One-in-All-in, non-stratified movements
Once a month all players are automatically entered into the Nationwide Pairs. This competition allows players to accumulate RED masterpoints instead of the usual GREEN points.  This is at no additional cost to players and allows them to compete against players Austalia wide.  It generally happens on the 2nd Friday of the month, please see the Calendar for exact dates.
Saturday Afternoon *  
Sunday All Day * The Club is generally closed on a Sunday all year with the exception of special weekend events. 
See Our Calendar for details


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Table Fees

  All walk-in sessions (including
  supervised play)     
  Members      $10.00   
  Concession Members (Govt Blue Card)*    $  9.00
   Non-members    $13.00
Less than 26 years of age and not in full
time employment
   Members   $  5.00
   Non-Members   $  6.50
  Tuesday and Thursday Evenings      Members   $13.00
   Concession holders (Govt Blue Card)*   $11.00
   Visitors (non-BFACT Events)   $15.00
Less than 26 years of age and not in full
time employment
  $  6.50
  Special Events   As advised per event; see Upcoming Events for details.  


*NOTE: Concession members require a Centrelink Blue Pension Card. Please register your concession with the Office Managers; all details are kept strictly confidential.

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Club Closures

The Club closes entirely on Christmas Day each year.

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