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Kantar Lessons, click here

  • Sunday, 14th April 10 am, More Tricks as Declarer, placing oppenents honours.
  • Sunday, 28th April 10 am, Even More Tricks as Declarer, counting the hand.


Multi-week Competitions

Monday Mornings

Wednesday Mornings

Monday Evenings

Tuesday Evenings -- pre-entry required for MOST events

Thursday Evenings -- pre-entry required for MOST events

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Nationwide Pairs    


  • 3rd Friday of each month
  • Next Session, 19th April 2019 1:15pm
  • Red masterpoints
  • Test your play against players of all calibres Australiawide
  • No entry requirements, just walk-in
  • No additional cost
  • Click here to see the ABF Nationwide Pairs site including results.


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