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Cast off the woes of winter and frolic at the Bridge table and support CBC's charity Beyond Blue

 Sunday 1 August - 12:30-5:00pm

  • YOU              -- Gather 3 players of a similar standard, come and have fun, get tips on play.
  • CLUB            -- Provides an experienced player as Captain to help and advise you
                              Scrumptious food and drinks at the end of play.
  • THE PLAY     -- Each team member plays 8 or 9 boards with the Captain who will give tips on play.
  •                           This event is limited to players who individually have fewer than 300 Masterpoints
                              The organisers will split the field into categories of new and not-so-new players.
  • AFTER PLAY -- Scrumptious food and fun prizes.
  • COST             -- $20 - Payment by CBCPay
  • QUERIES       -- Email Pam Crichton: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • ENTRY           -- Entries close 12:00 midday, Wednesday, 28 July
                               Pre-entry essential. The event is limited to 36 teams. This is a CBC Members Only event.
  •                            Everyone who signs up must turn up on the day to ensure its success.
                               Enter Online 


Current Entries                                 

  1. Belinda Moss, Jenny Bell, Jane Andrews
  2. Helan Beard, Janis Meikle, Jennie Holbrook
  3. Jennifer Hart, Andrea Twell, Penny Wild
  4. Loraine Bryant, Gerard Bryant, Ellen Klar
  5. Fran Pollard, Graham Pollard, Pam MacDonnell
  6. Barbara Bialowas, Jenny Bergin, Ros Hinton
  7. Beatrice Bruce, Catherine Johnston, Elizabeth Schwartz
  8. Anne Fleming, Jayne Francis, Sydney Rowan
  9. Lyn Rainforest, Rob Crowdy, Rosa Ferranda
  10. Dorothy Holt, Susan Cattoi, Susan Johnson
  11. Bazli Karattiyattil, Shannon Donohue, John Cullen
  12. Judy Netting, Pamela McKittrick, Claire Hughes
  13. Penelope Shilling, Diana Bergmark, Jennifer Carter
  14. Jann White, Judith Phillips, Jo Maxwell
  15. Maureen Doszpot, Marie Digmman, Cheryl Neal
  16. Jo Blackburn, Jocelyn McLeod, Prue Clarke
  17. Catherine Cregan, Stephen Henningham, Kathryn Cole
  18. Joyanne Gough, Barbara Stuart-Harris, Sue Whigham
  19. Joy McDermid, Karen Carlin, Barry Jones
  20. Marilyn Miller, Fae Layland, Nola Arnold
  21. May Powell, Darry Powell, Elizabeth Morrow
  22. Claudia Greenham, Rory O'Brien, Margaret Henty
  23. Kerry Webber, Joan Mayhew, & Bricet Kloren
  24. Rowan Bergin, Jon Pike, Judy Macklow
  25. Sue Samarq, Gill Tidey, Anne Franklin
  26. Lisa Bradley, Marcia Howard & Deb Wilson


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