Bathroom Renovation Photos, 2020

Before the renovations

BEFORE mens bathroom sinks BEFORE womens bathroom womens toilet

Stage 1: Removal

foyer Bathroom Mens 1 mens bathroom mens sink mens urinal Womens bathroom womens entrance womens toilet

Stage 2 - Structure frames

mens sink 2 web mens urinal 2 web  womens entrance 2 web womens bathroom 2 web

Stage 3 - Tiling

mens bathroom tiling womens entrance tiling web

Stage 4 - Toilet & Urinal installation

mens urinal installed mens toilet installed womens toilet installed

Stage 6 - Benches, and Disabled Bathroom

womens entrance benches womens bathroom benches mens bathroom benches Disabled bathroom begins

Stage 7 - Sinks, Mirrors & Disabled Toilet installed

mens mirrors womens enterance mirrors womens mirrors Disabled toilet

Stage 8 - Painting

toilet painted disabled painted womens painted mens painted