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Information about the CBCPay system

The Canberra Bridge Club uses CBCPay as the payment method for members to pay for table money. A CBCPay account is created for new members as soon as they join the club (and after they have been allocated an ABF number if they don’t already have one) 

Once a CBCPay account has been created, all future playing fees (including one day congress events) will be debited to the member’s account.

CBC Pay is a pre-payment system, so members are kindly requested to direct deposit funds into the club’s bank account for future table money fees. 

In deciding how much to direct deposit, we are most anxious to reduce the administrative load for the managers and request that each member deposits sufficient funds into the account to cover to at least one and preferably up to three months projected playing fees.

When making the direct deposit for CBCPay please write in the reference area - CBCPay and the member’s ABF number 

For security reasons we do not publish our account details online - please obtain them at the club from the Director or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When a CBCPay member plays at the club, they simply write CBCPay on the table envelope.

All members will receive, by email, a monthly statement that will show details of deposits made into CBCPay and payments deducted when the member played at the club for the previous month.

Shared Balances

To further reduce the administrative workload, CBCPay can establish a shared balance for couples. Monthly email statements will show each member’s playing history. Linked accounts can be established by asking the Director.

Online, Master the Basics and Lessons

CBCPay is also used for payment when attending a Master the Basics sessions on Thursday mornings, either via zoom or at the clubrooms and will also apply for payment of Kantar lessons. 


Can I use a cheque to pay or top up my CBCPay balance?

For members who do not use internet banking, the club is happy to accept cheques, covering at least ten future games. The cheque needs to be placed in the table envelope with a BIG (highlighted) note on the envelope. 

I don't use internet banking, but I regularly go to the bank to do my banking...

You are also able to visit a bank branch of your banking institution and request that money be transferred to the club’s bank account. Our bank account name is under "Canberra Bridge Club" and is a Westpac account. Please obtain the bank details from the Director or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  In the reference field they may not allow Letters (CBCPay), if that is the case, please make sure to still use your ABF Number as the reference so we can identify who has paid us. 

If paying by in-bank transfer, we strongly encourage you to either email us to let us know that the deposit is for CBCPay, and/or bring the physical receipt to the Club for our reference.

I can't internet bank - how else can I pay?

A few members cannot internet bank, in which cases a special arrangement can be made. However, you need to discuss this with Ian Robinson (Chief Director) or one of our Managers (Kerry or Emily). If you attend a session when neither is available, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

What happens if my balance goes negative?

CBCPay allows for negative balances, so lack of funds will not prevent a member from playing in a session. Members are asked to top up low balances after receiving the monthly statement.

How does a non-member visitor pay when I play with them on RealBridge or at the club?

For visitors to the club, the member has the option of paying for their visitor using their CBCPay account (please make a BIG highlighted note on the table envelope). Alternatively, the club will accept exact cash or can arrange a direct deposit.

Can I withdraw my money if I stop playing at the club?

All monies deposited into CBCPay are refundable on request.

How does payment for substitutes in club competition events work?

It is the responsibility of the member using a substitute to make sure the substitute is aware that table money for the session will be charged to the substitute’s CBCPay account and not to the member’s account. If the member wishes to pay for the substitute, they should make prior arrangements by emailing the club.