Frequently Asked Questions about playing with CBC on BBO

Do I need to tell anyone which session I plan to play in, or who my partner is?

No. You only need to provide your BBO details to the Managers once to allow access to our CBC sessions. After that, you self-register your partnership for the session you want to play in, and join before the start of session.

For full information on how to register and join a CBC session, please read the "Playing in a CBC Session" section.

How do I pay for BBO sessions?

You need to load BB$ onto your BBO account first. Then, when you join a CBC session on BBO the entry fee will be deducted from your account balance.

For information on how to add BB$ to your BBO account, please read Step 4 of "Registering to play".

How do I enter my real name on my profile? How do I state the System I play?

The account tab on the far right hand side of the BBO screen allows members to change their BBO profile. 

  • Please make sure your name is displayed – no nicknames or blanks are acceptable. 
  • You can also fill in a very quick system summary in the notes section – i.e. 15-18 NT, Weak 2s, Reverse Attitude.

Will hand records be available for the online session?

  • The results for each tournament are now posted on the CBC website and are also available through Pianola, with a results email being sent to all registered pianola members. These results have BBO names converted to member’s names. It can take up to 12 hours for the results to be posted.
  • You can also get results from BBO by searching in your recent history. Only BBO has a record of each hand you played with a card by card replay. BBO itself provides a wide range of information in your recent results area (see video: How to check your BBO results).

Who do I contact for help?

During a session you are playing in please contact the director for help.

For Wednesday 10:15am newer-players sessions, please contact Barb Toohey.

For general BBO usage help, please read our BBO page. If you still need help, please contact:

  • Non-urgent: please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (note we may not see your email for up to 24 hours, or on weekends).
  • Urgent help: please contact Michele Grant or Jodi Tutty

For information on how to register your BBO details or join a session, please read our Playing in a CBC session online page. If you still need help, please email the Managers and we can help or direct you to the right person. Please do not call as we are working remotely without access to the phone.

How are Masterpoints calculated for BBO sessions? Why don't they match the Results?

The Masterpoints you will earn with the results at the end of the session are NOT ABF masterpoints. It is the BBO/US masterpoints system.  

When the ABF system is in place, the Australian Masterpoints will be about 25-33% of the number shown. Divide by 3 to get an approximation. There is no exact conversion, as they are calculated slightly differently.

How to I enter a smiley or sad face in chat?

  • A smiley face can be shown in the chat line with a colon and a closed bracket, which looks like: :)
  • A sad face is a colon and an open bracket, like: :(

You may also see these abbreviations typed in chat: 

  • wd for well done
  • glp for good luck partner
  • typ for thank you partner