Red Masterpoint Sessions

March to May 2021

During the eight-week period commencing 15 March the club will allocate Red Masterpoint status to 18 individual duplicate sessions, spread over our seven face to face session timeslots and the Wednesday evening RealBridge session. Each of these regular duplicate sessions will conduct one red MP session per month. Additionally, a two-week Seniors Pairs event (with Red masterpoint event awards in addition to sessional awards) will be held on Monday Morning April 19 and 26.

  • Monday Morning                                    15 March and 12 April
  • Monday evening                                     15 March and 12 April
  • Tuesday afternoon                                  23 March and 20 April
  • Wednesday Morning                               24 March and 21 April
  • Wednesday Evening Real Bridge           24 March and 21 April
  • Thursday Morning                                     1 April and 29 April
  • Friday Morning                                          9 April and 7 May
  • Friday Afternoon                                        9 April and 7 May
  • Monday Morning                                      19 and 26 April   (Seniors' Pairs event)

There is nothing members need to do to become eligible to receive Red Masterpoints, simply turn up and play as per normal. Walk-in, no registration required.