Newsletter - 20 November 2020

In this week’s newsletter...

  • Xmas Working Bee
  • Committee Minutes
  • Christmas Raffle
  • Barnardos Christmas Appeal
  • Next week at the Clubrooms
  • Red MP Session at the Clubrooms
  • Next week on BBO
  • Update your details & permission to list
  • Upcoming events
  • Results
  • Lighter moments (jokes)

From the President:

As we near the Christmas period, I invite you all to join us in decorating the Club on Saturday 28 November from 9:30am. We need helpers of all heights and abilities - whether it be passing decorations, standing on ladders or standing back and seeing how it all looks.

I would like also to extend a warm welcome to all our new members - whether they be from Grandslam, the Beginners course, new to Canberra, returning players, or any other place. It is great to have you with us, and we hope you enjoy playing Bridge with us.

Best wishes,

Xmas Working Bee

Volunteers are needed on Saturday morning 28 November from 9.30am for a short working bee decorate the Club rooms for Christmas. All helpers great and small are appreciated.

Committee Minutes

The rattified minutes from the 2019 AGM and committee meeting on 13 July (regarding Honorary Life Membership nomination) are now available for download on the Committee webpage.

Photo of the raffle prizes

Christmas Raffle

Our annual Christmas Raffle is now available for purchasing raffle tickets at the club, and on display for your drool-worthy pleasure. Please bring your own pen to write your raffle tickets and exact change, due to our COVID-19 Safety Plan we cannot share pens or give change.

Tickets are $2 each, or 3 for $5.

50% of profits go to Canberra Bridge Club, and 50% to our Club charity Beyond Blue.


  1. Hamper
  2. Christmas Cake
  3. Christmas Crackers (Bon-Bons)

Barnardos Christmas Gifts for Kids

CBC has a tradition of present giving at Christmas.This year we would like to direct these gifts to Barnardos. If you wish to help, please bring:

  • presents for teenage boys aged 14-18 (e.g. Gift vouchers for movies, bowling,  jb hifi, Westfield, clothing or sports stores, lynx or other hygiene or pamper packs, clothes) would be very welcome unwrapped. 
  • Food such as Christmas puddings and chocolates & more standard items such as tinned, food, spaghetti, jam, cereal, Milo will also help. 

We need the donations by Friday 11 December.

Next week at the Clubrooms

Have you read the latest versions of the CBC COVID-19 Safety Plan and Checklist for Members?

For the week commencing Monday 23 November we have six sessions scheduled at the clubrooms

  • Monday morning 10:00am                                                     Bruce Crossman
  • Monday evening 7:00pm (walk-in) & 7:15pm (event)            Ian Robinson
  • Tuesday afternoon 1:15pm                                                    Sally Barber
  • Wednesday morning 10:00am                                               Ian Robinson
  • Thursday morning 10:00am (MP and Imps)                          Jodi Tutty
  • Friday afternoon 1:15pm                                                       Bruce Crossman

Red Masterpoint sessions at the Clubrooms

For the months of September to November, each face-to-face session will have one red pointed session per month. Red points will be awarded on:

  • Monday Morning                    4th Monday of the month  - November 23
  • Monday Evening                    4th Monday of the month  - November 23
  • Tuesday Afternoon                 1st Tuesday of the month  - December 1
  • Wednesday morning              2nd Wednesday of the month - December 9
  • Friday afternoon                     3rd Friday of the month  - December 18

Next week on BBO

For the week commencing Monday 23 November, we have scheduled 3 tourneys on BBO. Please note the removal of Tuesday 7pm from BBO.

  • Monday Morning 10:15am                           Bruce Crossman
  • Wednesday Evening 7:15pm                       John Donovan
  • Thursday Morning 10:15am (matchpoint)    Jodi Tutty

Update your details and permission to list

As the club will not be producing a 2021 calendar/member list it is more important than ever that your personal details as recorded in Pianola are correct.

You are able to update your details in Pianola yourself - see instructions below. Whilst we encourage members to update their details themselves to reduce the office administration burdons, we understand that for some members this is not possible. If you are unable to update your details yourself please send an email to the office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or "reply" to the email newsletter) to confirm your current details and advise of permission for your phone and/or email to be listed in Pianola for other members to view

How to check and update your contact details

  1. Log in to Pianola (
  2. Click on "My Account" in the drop down menu on the right and then the first Tab underneath is "Personal Details".
  3. Update the fields as necessary, and click "save".
  4. Then we suggest you check that your Communication Preferences are as you prefer (4th tab) - this includes reciving general emails and results from the Club.
    Communication preferences
  5. Lastly, then your contact permissions (5th tab). We strongly suggest that you allow other club members to have at least one channel for contacting you. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY CLUB MEMBERS WILL BE ABLE TO SEE THIS INFORMATION, AND ONLY IF YOU ALLOW IT.
    Privacy Settings tab
  6. (Optional) While you are there you may also wish to upload a photo of yourself (3rd Tab). For an example please see Rick Nehmy’s member details.

Upcoming Events

Online Teams Event by the ABF

  • Weekend of 28-29 November.
  • Swiss of 8 x 12-board rounds,
  • Finals (for the top eight Teams) held over the following weekend (December 5-6).
  • An optional Swiss Pairs consolation for non-qualifiers will be held on Saturday 6 December.
  • Entry fee: $220 per team.

For further information please see the ABF Online Teams flyer.


ABF NWP Online

13 Nov – Open
E/W 3rd - Janet & Peter Kahler

15 Nov - Open
N/S 1st - Elizabeth Havas & Neil Ewart

Lighter Moments

A Doctor was very concerned about the physical condition of one of his bridge playing patients.
During a regular check up, he asked, “Do you get much exercise?”
“Only when I sit east-west Doc” was the reply.

swimming pool distancing