Newsletter - 12 March 2021

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  • Friday Morning Session
  • Red MP Daytime Sessions
  • Next week at the Clubrooms
  • Next week on RealBridge online
  • Upcoming Events
  • Upcoming Education
  • Results
  • Lighter moments (jokes)
  • Strong Unbalanced Hands by Joan Butts

From the President:

I would like to welcome to the Club the  many new members who have joined from the Grand Slam Bridge Club. I hope you enjoy playing at the CBC.

With so many new members, we are running out of parking spots. If you arrive at the Club early please remember that there is untimed public parking behind the Bridge Club. It would also help to alleviate our parking problem if players could share a car.

Directors at the CBC are all willing to help players enjoy the game. Please remember that the director is your friend. If you are concerned about anything during your visit to the Club, you can always talk to the director during play or call the director to your table. Learn not to get offended when a director is called on you. This is part of the game. The director is there to protect everyone.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the volunteers who have manned the front desk this week, reminding people to log in to the Canberra COVID app. Thank you.

Happy bridging everyone.


 ! Expect Delays

Our managers are currently experiencing high volume of emails, phone calls and general workload. We are working as hard and fast as possible to get everything done. We appologise in advance for longer delays in replies than normal.

In the meantime, the following webpages and notes may help you find the information you need:

  • Information about CBCPay (including the signup form for existing members). Printed forms are also available on the bench outside the Managers' Office.
  • CBCPay forms can be returned to the director, or via email.  The bank account it the same as for membership & previously vouchers - but the reference field is important (read form instructions). Bank details are available from the director.
  • Membership forms are available on the bench outside the Managers' Office.
  • CBCPay Statements were for February, they do not include transactions recorded in March. Any payments recevied to our bank on or after 26 Feb will appear on the March statement (Banks and the Club Managers do not operate on the weekend)
  • Please make sure you have read the latest COVID-19 Safety Plan before coming to the Club.

Can you fill-in as a player?

If you are willing to play with other people who need a partner for a single session (or two), please email us!
Whether you are available at short-notice or only in advance - we need both!
Please include what sessions you are often available. It does not mean you are committing to it, but just letting us know you are happy to be called and asked if you are available.

Fifine Hutton

Wishing Fifine Hutton a Very Happy 100th Birthday today. Fifine has been a member of the CBC for many years, including on the Club’s Committee.  Fifine’s last time on the Committee was in 2014 when she was responsible for convening the Seniors Day lunch.

Working Bee

A working bee is to be held on Saturday, 20 March, commencing from 9.30am. Volunteers are needed for many jobs including - weeding, chair cleaning, cleaning fridges etc.  All help is gratefully received.


In ‘From the President’ last week I wrote that ‘One of the basic rules of bridge is not to ask what a bid means unless you are intending to bid. Asking for an explanation without bidding might be construed as passing unauthorised information to one‘s partner. If you don‘t intend to bid, questions of the opponents should be made after the auction has concluded.’

Earl Dudley has kindly provided a better explanation:

In a competitive auction there might well be occasions when you have a need to seek explanations of the opponent’s bids. In auctions where you have no intention to compete it is sensible to delay asking for an explanation of the bidding until the auction has finished. Asking in the middle of the auction might have the unintended consequence of giving unauthorised information about your hand to your partner. 

If you are contemplating asking for an explanation of the bidding in a competitive auction, only do so if you have a genuine need to understand a particular bid. If the bidding has been routine, don’t ask. When asking for an explanation of the bidding, ask for a review of the entire auction. Don’t ask for an explanation of a specific bid. If you focus the request for an explanation on a specific bid, it could be construed as inadvertently indicating to partner that you have an interesting holding in that suit.

Preview of upcoming events and teaching:

  • 11 April (Sunday 9:30am)
    BFACT will conduct a Restricted Matchpoint Pairs event. The top 2 pairs will be eligible for a subsidy from ABF to attend the ANC.
  • 10-11 April 
    BFACT will conduct a Women's ANC Team Selection event, open to all female members of an ABF-affiliated club. The top placed 3 pairs will be invited to form the Womens team to go to Perth for the ANC.
    Entries close 12-noon Thursday 8 April.
  • 18 April (Sunday afternoon TBC)
    The Club will hold a one session Novice and intermediate MP Pairs session
  • 8 May (Saturday)
    Will Jenner O’Shea will host a lesson and play session suitable for intermediate to upper intermediate standard players
  • Monday Night Events:

Friday Morning Matchpoint Duplicate Session

From 19 March the club will host a duplicate session with the emphasis on a relaxed friendly game. The session will start at 10.00am and finish at about 12.30pm. New members from Grand Slam are especially welcomed.

Red Masterpoint Daytime Sessions

15th March Monday Morning and Evening is Red Masterpoints in our standard duplicate sessions.

From mid-march to mid-May thew club will conduct single session red point events on each regular session and a two session Seniors Pairs event on Monday daytime in April. More details on the Red MP Sessions page.

Playing at the Clubrooms

Check-In CBR App

New Government laws require every person to be registered through the Check-In CBR App when visiting our Club, as of Monday 9 March. The scan and number code for the App are on the sidetables, so you do not need to gather in the doorway or foyer to sign in. Please ask for help if you need help to learn how to use the App.

Please download the App before attending the Club if possible. If you do not have internet at home, you are welcome to use our Club's wifi to download it when you arrive and are seated.

If you do not have a smartphone, please ask your partner to check you in as a "guest". If you and your partner both do not have a smartphone, please see either the Director, Manager or a designated volunteer who can sign you in with your contact details.

Session Times

Face-to-Face in the Clubrooms:

Reminder: Please do not rub/scratch your face with the playing cards!

  • Monday morning 10:00am
  • Monday evening 7:00pm (walk-in & supervised) & Monday evening 7:20pm (event)
  • Tuesday afternoon 1:15pm
  • Wednesday morning 10:00am
  • Thursday morning 10:00am (MP and Imps)
  • Friday 10am (walk-in & supervised)
  • Friday afternoon 1:15pm

RealBridge Online Sessions:

  • Wednesday Evening 7:15pm
  • Thursday Afternoon 1:30pm

A link to the session will be posted on the RealBridge information page 2 hours before the start of session. No registration required.

Reminders for in-Club sessions:

  • It is a condition of entry that you have read and agree to abide by our COVID-19 Safety Plan.
  • One person ONLY in the kitchen at a time, after start of play. You are welcome to gently remind others if you see they have forgotten.
  • Kitchen closes 45 minutes before the end of the session - after this time, you should only enter to kitchen to put your glass/mug in the dishwasher.

Upcoming Education / Lessons

Master the Basics

Master the Basics is on Thursdays.
There is a start time of 9.00am.

The lesson will be available face-to-face in the Club rooms and on Zoom.
To receive the zoom link, please email Barb Toohey.

Supervised Lessons

The supervised lessons are on Mondays 7pm, and Fridays 9:30am.


BFACT ANC Open Qualification

  1. Peter Grant & Tony Marinos
  2. Julia Hoffman & Christopher Quail
  3. Christy Geromboux & Sebastian Yuen

ABF Nationwide Online Pairs

7 March - Novice
3rd E/W: Bettye Pearce & Heather McLoughlin

28 February - Open
2nd N/S: Neil Ewart & David Hoffman
2nd E/W: Peter Waight & Elizabeth Yoo

Did we miss a member's result? Please let us know via email so we can publish it next week.

Lighter Moments

I haven't lost my mind... Half of it just wandered off, and the other half when looking for it.

I like to make lists.
I also like to leave them laying on the kitchen counter and then guess what's on the list whilst at the store.
Fun game.

Strong Hands: Strong Unbalanced Balanced Hands - by Joan Butts

  • Consider more than high card points when deciding to open a game forcing 2♣️
  • Playing strength is vital - count both quick tricks and losers
  • If in doubt, open at the one level, because it’s rare that you will be passed out these days (the opponents like to bid!)
  • To open 2♣️ you need a hand of 18+ high card points and three or fewer losers (occasionally four)
  • Suit quality is important in your long suits, and wasted honours in short suits are not ideal
  • Partner will make a positive response with a good suit (at least two top honours) and more than 7 high card points
  • Otherwise, responder will start with 2♦️, a negative or waiting bid (waiting to hear what opener has)

Any suits bid naturally by either opener or responder will contain two of the top three, or three of the top five, honours

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