Newsletter - 26 March 2021

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  • Check-In CBR App
  • Wednesday Evening Session
  • Session Times
  • Upcoming Events
  • Mentoring in May
  • Upcoming Education
  • Canberra Southern Cross Club
  • Results
  • Lighter moments (jokes)
  • Strong Hands by Joan Butts

From the President:

I would like to thank all the workers who came to the working bee last Saturday (Maxine Anderson, Barbara Bialowas, Pamela Crichton, Lesley Gunson, John Hempenstall, Keith Mitchell, Perelle Scales, Ian Robinson, Nick Vonthethoff, Rick Nehmy and Jodi Tutty).

The Canberra Bridge Club is run by volunteers, and new volunteers are needed (and much appreciated), particularly for kitchen duty at the end of each session and for washing the cloths used for table cleaning etc at the end of each session of play.

I am sure that many of our new members find our club very different to what they are used to. Like other clubs affiliated with the Australian Bridge Federation (ABF), the club follows some basic  bridge rules, that is, announcing the number of clubs 1C represent eg 3plus and also the value of a 1NT bid (12-14, or 15-18). Players are also expected to alert all unnatural bids, eg a 2C bid which does not necessarily show clubs.

Another thing that new members might not be familiar with is the calling of the director. Remember that the director is your friend, and is there to protect all players and especially the integrity of the game. If an irregularity, occurs (eg a revoke or lead out of turn) the director should be called immediately attention has been drawn to it. Players should not attempt to correct the irregularity or assign penalty. Always be courteous to the Director, and co-operative.

While the above does apply, the most basic guide for all bridge players is: always be courteous to partner and your opponents.

Happy bridging.


Playing with CBC

Check-In CBR App

Government laws require every person to be registered through the Check-In CBR App when visiting our ClubThe scan and number code for the App are on the sidetables, so you do not need to gather in the doorway or foyer to sign in. Please ask for help if you need help to learn how to use the App or need access to our internet Wifi.

Please download the App before attending the Club if possible. If you do not have internet at home, you are welcome to use our Club's wifi to download it when you arrive and are seated.

If you do not have a smartphone, please ask your partner to check you in as a "guest". If you and your partner both do not have a smartphone, please see either the Director, Manager or a designated volunteer who can sign you in with your contact details.

Reminders for in-Club sessions:

  • It is a condition of entry that you have read and agree to abide by our COVID-19 Safety Plan.
  • One person ONLY in the kitchen at a time, after start of play. You are welcome to gently remind others if you see they have forgotten.
  • Kitchen closes 45 minutes before the end of the session - after this time, you should only enter to kitchen to put your glass/mug in the dishwasher.

Updated COVID-19 Safety Plan

A new COVID-19 Safety Plan was made available today, dated 23 March 2021. Please take a moment to review the amendments, including changes to entry/exiting and CBCPay. If you are not familiar with the existing Kitchen Safety Plan, please read it before attending the Club also.

Wednesday Evening Session in the Clubrooms

The Wednesday evening session will return on a trial basis from 14 April until 23 June 2021. The Wednesday evening RealBridge session will be suspended during the trial.

The Wednesday evening session from 14 April will commence at 7.15pm. As has occurred with RealBridge, it will be a shortened session aiming to finish play by 10.15pm with the intention of 24 boards (or thereabouts) per session. John Donovan will be the friendly director.

Please consider playing on Wednesday evenings from 14 April, all players are very welcome.

Session Times

Face-to-Face in the Clubrooms:

  • Monday morning 10:00am
  • Monday evening 7:00pm (walk-in & supervised) & Monday evening 7:20pm (event)
  • Tuesday afternoon 1:15pm
  • Wednesday morning 10:00am
  • Thursday morning 10:00am (MP and Imps)
  • Friday 10am (walk-in & supervised) **Please leave the Club prompty after conclusion of the session, to allow for the 1:15pm session**
  • Friday afternoon 1:15pm **Please do not arrive before 12:45pm, to allow the 10am session to exit at 12:30pm**

RealBridge Online Sessions:

  • Wednesday Evening 7:15pm
    (until 14th April)

A link to the session will be posted on the RealBridge information page 2 hours before the start of session. No registration required.

Upcoming events and teaching:

  • 11 April (Sunday 9:30am)
    BFACT will conduct a Restricted Matchpoint Pairs event. The top 2 pairs will be eligible for a subsidy from ABF to attend the ANC. Restriced is less than 300MP or less than 56% Grandslam Rating.
  • 10-11 April 
    BFACT will conduct a Women's ANC Team Selection event, open to all female members of an ABF-affiliated club. The top placed 3 pairs will be invited to form the Womens team to go to Perth for the ANC.
    Entries close 12-noon Thursday 8 April.
  • 18 April (Sunday afternoon TBC)
    The Club will hold a one session Novice and Intermediate MP Pairs session
  • 8 May (Saturday)
    Will Jenner O’Shea will host a lesson and play session suitable for intermediate to upper intermediate standard players
  • Monday Night Events:
    • 12 , 19, 26 April (Monday 7:20pm) & 5 May (Wednesday 7:20pm)Barry Turner Teams - Registrations required.


During May the club is running a mentoring program to help members wanting to improve their game. If you are a beginner, the club can provide a friendly mentor to help you with some of the fundamentals of bidding, play and defence.

If you are a mid-level player the club will assign a suitable mentor to help you get to the next level of the game. Some of the club’s top players volunteer to be mentors.

Applications for the program close on 28 April. If you are interested in being either a mentee or mentor please complete the application which will be located under the screen in the club’s main playing room early next week, and put it in the box provided.

For any inquiries please contact Liz Van Der Hor on 62883031 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upcoming Education / Lessons

Master the Basics

Master the Basics is on a short break, and will resume on Thursday 15 April at 9:00am.

The lesson will be available face-to-face in the Club rooms and on Zoom.
To receive the zoom link, please email Barb Toohey.

Supervised Lessons

The supervised lessons are on Mondays 7pm, and Fridays 9:30am.
Change of plans - there WILL BE supervised lessons & play over the Easter Long Weekend - i.e. Friday 2 and Monday 5 April.

Canberra Southern Cross Club - Community Rewards Program

The Canberra Southern Cross Club runs a Community Rewards scheme and the Canberra Bridge Club is a grateful recipient of the benefits of this program. Will you help?

  1. You need to be a member of the Canberra Southern Cross Club ($10 per single, $15 per family for a year)
  2. Then click on click on this link to choose your CSCC Rewards Charity
    1. Click Social and Recreational
    2. Click on Canberra Bridge Club
    3. Fill in your details
  3. Eat, drink and, as an optional extra, be merry, show your membership card and the Canberra Bridge Club will receive 15 cents of every $1 that you spend until 30 June (not calculated on function spend or purchases made at Snapper or on the boat.)
    From 1 July the benefit will revert to 7.5%.

Those who think they have already done this may need to complete the process every year.


ABF Nationwide Online Pairs

The final session of the Friday evening event will be held on March 26. The Sunday afternoon session of the Online Nationwide Pairs will continue as normal.

Did we miss a member's result? Please let us know via email so we can publish it next week.

Lighter Moments

Maths song titles:

  • Arc the Herald Angels Sing
  • I Surd It Through The Grapevine

Math Movie titles:

  • Deriving Miss Daisy
  • Raiders of the Lost Arc
  • Sum Like it Hot
  • Fatal Subtraction

Strong Hands: Cue Bidding to Slam - by Joan Butts

  • Cue bidding shows which controls the partnership holds, not just how many (Blackwood)
  • Cue bidding starts after a trump suit has been agreed and you’re in at least a game force and you feel there might be slam
  • First-round controls are aces and/or voids, second round controls are kings and/or singletons
  • Show first and/or second-round controls together (Italian Cue Bidding)
  • Partner is cue bidding when you hear a new suit after the trump suit has been agreed (eg 1♠️ p 3♠️ p 4♦️ (4♦️ is a control, first or second round)
  • Partners cooperate by showing their controls up the line of the bidding ladder, and any step missed means no control of that suit
  • Don’t show controls in trumps; bidding the trump suit is the way to stop the cue-bidding process
  • Use Blackwood to find out about controls in the trump suit
  • Cue bidding and Blackwood work very well together

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