Newsletter - 30 April 2021

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  • Committee Minutes
  • Check-In CBR App
  • Session Times
  • Charity Swim for MS Society
  • Upcoming Events
  • Upcoming Education
  • Results
  • Negative Doubles by Joan Butts

Going to Woollongong or Figtree soon? We need your help!

The club has purchased some new cards and new bidding boxes. We are seeking the assistance of a member who will be in Wollongong (Figtree to be precise) in the near future to pick up the items and bring them back to the club. They will fit into an empty back seat of a standard car. We also have a small parcel to deliver to the supplier (presently held at the clubrooms). Any member who can assist, please contact the managers to organise.

Committee Meeting Minutes from March

The committee meeting minutes from 15 March 2021 are now available to download on our Committee webpage.

Playing with CBC

Check-In CBR App

Government laws require every person to be registered through the Check-In CBR App when visiting our ClubThe scan and number code for the App are on the sidetables, so you do not need to gather in the doorway or foyer to sign in.

Reminders for in-Club sessions:

  • It is a condition of entry that you have read and agree to abide by our COVID-19 Safety Plan.
  • One person ONLY in the kitchen at a time. You are welcome to gently remind others if you see they have forgotten.
  • Kitchen closes 45 minutes before the end of the session - after this time, you should only enter to kitchen to put your glass/mug in the dishwasher.

Session Times

Face-to-Face in the Clubrooms next week:

  • Monday morning 10:00am
  • Monday evening 7:00pm (walk-in & supervised) & Monday evening 7:20pm (event)
  • Tuesday afternoon 1:15pm
  • Wednesday morning 10:00am
  • Wednesday evening 7:15pm
  • Thursday morning 10:00am (MP and Imps)
  • Friday Supervised Lesson: 9:30am, then Play at 10am
  • Friday (regular walk-in) 9:45am Red Points
  • Friday afternoon 1:15pm Red Points
  • Saturday afternoon 1:15pm 

CBC Charity for 2020-2021 is Beyond Blue

Due to the lack of our regular program of events resulting from COVID-19 the Committee has dediced that we will use our Produce Table money to support this charity. Please support this worthwhile cause.

Charity swim for MS Society

Tim Mather will be participating in the MS Mega Challenge on 1st May. He expects to swim around 5 kilometres during his leg of the relay.

There is a team of twelve swimmers who will swim continuously for 24 hours as a relay team over the weekend of 1st/2nd May.

Any support the Canberra Bridge Club members could offer to support research into the causes and treatment of the debilitating disease Multiple Sclerosis would be greatly appreciated.

Any donation to his fundraised can be done through his MS Mega Challenge donation page (direct to MS Society). Any donation of $2 and more is tax deductible.

Upcoming events and teaching

Skills Development Workshops - William Jenner O'Shea

  • Topics: No-Trumps Systems and No-Trumps Play
  • Date: Saturday 8 May, 10am-3pm
  • Cost: $40 for CBC & BFACT-Affiliated Club members, and out-of-town visitors;  $45 for local visitors
  • To book, please fill out our online entry form
  • Members - pay via CBCPay; non-Members pay via Direct Deposit to our bank.

William Jenner-O'Shea is a very experienced teacher and an Australian representative player. He last taught at the Club in 2019 and his lesson was very well received.

For further information, please contact Pam Crichton (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Hugh Hudson Pairs

  • 10th May - 24th May (Monday 7:20pm; 3 weeks)
  • Registrations required via the Online Entry Form before 12noon on 7th May

Upcoming Education / Lessons

Master the Basics

Master the Basics is on Thursdays at 9.00am.

The lesson will be available face-to-face in the Club rooms and on Zoom at 9:00am.
To receive the zoom link, please email Barb Toohey.

Supervised Lessons

The supervised lessons are on Mondays 7pm and Fridays 9:30am.


 ABF Nationwide Pairs Online - 25th April 2021

N/S 1st: Helen Little & Geoff Hutchins (66.29%)

Dealing with Overcalls: The Negative Doubles - by Joan Butts

  • A negative double (responder’s double), is made after an opponent overcalls opener’s bid
  • The higher the overcall, the stronger the doubler needs to be; each level higher requires the equivalent of a king more (ie 3 points)
  • A negative double denies a fit for partner because showing a fit is first priority in competitive auctions
  • A negative double denies a stopper for no trumps
  • A negative double shows a hand that’s hard to describe (not enough points to show the suit, or two suits)
  • If responder passes, opener should try to reopen with double, because responder may hold the opponents’ trumps
  • 1♣️ (1♦️overcall) X (double) = precisely four hearts and four spades
  • 1♣️ (1♦️overcall) 1♥️/♠️ = four + hearts /spades
  • 1♣️ (1♥️ overcall) X (double) = four spades
  • 1♣️ (1♥️overcall) 1♠️ = five + spades
  • 1♣️ (1♠️overcall) X (double) four + hearts (denies enough hearts, or points, to bid a forcing 2♥️)

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