Newsletter - 7 May 2021

In this week’s newsletter...

  • Parking at the Club
  • Sit-out Teddy Bears
  • Check-In CBR App
  • Session Times
  • Upcoming Events
  • Upcoming Education
  • Results
  • Doubles with Joan Butts
  • Movie Review by Richard Hills

From the President

With COVID reappearing in Sydney, please remember to maintain at least a 1.5 metre distance at all times at the Club, sanitise hands between rounds, and if unwell, please stay home, do not come to the Club.

Please also remember that only one person in the kitchen at a time and to return your cups and glasses to the kitchen at the end of play, remove lipstick and place in the dishwasher.

Volunteers are always need to wash the cloths used to clean the play areas and for kitchen duty. Both jobs are relatively easy and quick to do.

Happy bridging,

Parking at the Club

With increasing numbers at our sessions, ensuring everyone can find a timely park and get to the session before the start of play becomes harder. We are fortunately to have a large carpark, as well as the public car park behind our club.

We request that those without mobility difficulty please prioritise parking in the Public Carpark in Hannah Place, to allow those with difficulty to park closer to our Club entry.

Those who arrive early are also requested to prioritise parking in the Public Carpark at weekday daytime sessions, to provide as much parking as possible for use by Club attendees and allow those running late to obtain a park in our carpark.

Saturday 9th May (tomorrow) will be a busy day at the Club, and we request those able to firstly park in Hannah Placefor the Workshop and BFACT Senior's events.

sit out teddiesWe're going on a bear hunt...

Do you remember our 2 sit-out table Teddy Bears? They went on a walk one day, and never came back!

If you know where our 2 Teddy Bears are camping, please have a word to them and give them a lift back to the Club.

CBCPay Statements - Wed 7 April Evening RB

Did you play on RealBridge the final week, Wednesday 7th April?
You will notice it was not listed on your April Statement of CBCPay deductions. Oops!

We have now processed the CBCPay deductions for that session, and it will be listed on your May Statement as "1st May (Saturday) Real Bridge".

Playing with CBC

Check-In CBR App

Government laws require every person to be registered through the Check-In CBR App when visiting our ClubThe scan and number code for the App are on the sidetables, so you do not need to gather in the doorway or foyer to sign in.

Reminders for in-Club sessions:

  • It is a condition of entry that you have read and agree to abide by our COVID-19 Safety Plan.
  • One person ONLY in the kitchen at a time. You are welcome to gently remind others if you see they have forgotten.

Session Times

Face-to-Face in the Clubrooms next week:

  • Monday morning 10:00am
  • Monday evening 7:00pm (walk-in & supervised) & Monday evening 7:20pm (event)
  • Tuesday afternoon 1:15pm
  • Wednesday morning 10:00am
  • Wednesday evening 7:15pm
  • Thursday morning 10:00am (MP and Imps)
  • Friday Supervised Lesson: 9:30am, then Play at 10am
  • Friday (regular walk-in) 9:45am
  • Friday afternoon 1:15pm
  • Saturday afternoon 1:15pm 

CBC Charity for 2021-2022 is Beyond Blue

Due to the lack of our regular program of events resulting from COVID-19 the Committee has dediced that we will use our Produce Table money to support this charity. Please support this worthwhile cause.

Upcoming Education / Lessons

Master the Basics

Master the Basics is on Thursdays at 9.00am.

The lesson will be available face-to-face in the Club rooms and on Zoom at 9:00am.
To receive the zoom link, please email Barb Toohey.

Supervised Lessons

The supervised lessons are on Mondays 7pm and Fridays 9:30am.


Barry Turner Teams

  1. Tony Marinos, Peter Grant, David Hoffman, David Wawn, Michael Cullen
  2. George Kozakos, Michaeel Smart, Jody Tutty & Andrew Spooner
  3. Sebastian Yuen, Christy Geromboux, Willian Jenner-O'Shea, Zofia Dreher

Autumn Nationals in Adelaide 

Open Pairs: 3rd - Andrew Spooner & Philip Markey

Mixed Pairs:
2nd: Pam & Ross Crichton
3rd:  Elizabeth Havas & Dee Harley

Consolation Teams:
2nd: Brad Coles/Stephen Fischer/Dee Harley/Elizabeth Havas/Matt Smith

Senior Pairs (Monday Mornings)

  1. Patricia McDonald - Niek Van Vucht
  2. Mal Aldons - George Stockham
  3. Rosemary Matley - Val Carmody

April Eclectics

Monday Evening:                         Anita DeLorenzo & Greg Robinson
Tuesday Afternoon:                      George Zuber & John Albert Kelly
Wednesday Morning:                   Elspeth Saxby & Eric Glass
Wednesday Evening:                   Lyn Carter & Jennifer Carter
Thursday Morning - Butler:          Stephen Mendick & Bernard Waters
Thursday Morning - Matchpoint: Phil Creaser & Diana Keeling
Friday Morning:                           Val Carmody & Margaret Kyburz
Friday Afternoon:                         Keith Mitchell & Lesley Gunson

Doubles: Takeout Double - by Joan Butts

  • An opponent must have opened the bidding for you to double. You can't start the bidding with "double"
  • A double normally shows an opening hand (13+) without a long suit
  • Shortage in the opener’s suit is necessary if minimum points for a double
  • Any shortage in the opponent’s suit may be valued as well as high card points when deciding to double
  • Shortage will be good for suit contracts but not so good for no trumps
  • The more points, the less is the shape requirement for making a take-out double
  • Most low-level doubles are meant to be taken out
  • Easiest way to tell the difference between take-out and penalty doubles is whether partner has bid earlier in the auction
  • Doubles are for take-out when the opponents have found a fit

Movie/TV Review by Richard Hills

Young Sheldon

Sheldon was a key character in the popular American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Its spinoff sitcom, Young Sheldon, is likewise popular. Young Sheldon, currently screening its fourth season, has attracted such impressive ratings that it has already been renewed up until its seventh season.

The first three seasons of Young Sheldon are available on DVD. Jim Parsons, who portrayed the adult Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, provides the offscreen voiceover narration in Young Sheldon. The precocious actor who stars as the youthful Sheldon is Iain Armitage (Iain has enthusiastically written his own series of movie reviews).

In the first episode 9-year-old Sheldon's vast intellect causes him to be enrolled in the same high school class as his 14-year-old brother Georgie, much to Georgie's chagrin. The eponymous discoverer of Aspberger's Syndrome described Aspie children as, "My little professors"; although Aspieness is nowhere mentioned in the Young Sheldon scripts it is clear that Sheldon is one, due to his other Aspie characteristic of very limited social skills (which provides a significant part of the sitcom's humour).

My second favourite character is Sheldon's reprobate grandmother (nicknamed "Meemaw"). She is wonderfully portrayed by the great comic actress Annie Potts - an earlier role was as the sardonic receptionist in Ghostbusters.