Newsletter - 26 November 2021

In this week’s newsletter...

  • Upcoming Sessions
  • Upcoming Events
  • CBC Swiss Butler Pairs commencing 29 November
  • Beginners Lessons in 2022
  • Online Education
  • Results 
  • Bridge tips by Joan Butts
  • Up the Creek with Ian Morison
  • Vale Les Humphrey
  • Lighter Moments


From the President

 As you would all be aware the Club is slowly returning to normal, with more face-to-face sessions of bridge being offered at the Club each week. However, for those who do not wish to return to the Club just yet, RealBridge is still being offered. Please consult the Club’s website for the sessions being offered either face-to-face or on RealBridge.

Whichever way you play bridge, please enjoy the game!

Happy bridging and stay safe




Deakin opens its doors, people flooding back in!

CBC welcomes the return to face to face bridge. Members are returning en masse! Upon entry, after reading COVID plans and scanning, you should notice our wonderful Christmas raffle for the Club, tickets are 3 for $5.  Please support as a portion of sales go to our worthy charity BeyondBlue.

The kitchen has now reopened for members to use, on the same basis as applied before the recent lockdown so only one person in the kitchen at any time.  The kitchen access document has been reissued and is available on the website.  The kitchen reopening also means the kitchen will require cleaning following each session.

 Members are reminded to please refrain from wearing perfume due to allergies and the like.  

Less than a month to Christmas...

If you have been in the club in the last week you will have noticed that our wonderful Committee and volunteers are getting into the Christmas spirit with decorations, our Christmas raffle and our Christmas tree. It’s the season of giving and this year we are again supporting the Barnardos Giving Tree Appeal, which collects gifts for children of all ages who would otherwise miss out on Christmas gifts.

If you would like to support this appeal please bring unwrapped gifts for boys and girls and leave them under our Christmas tree. While gifts for any age are appreciated Barnardos always finds it most difficult to provide suitable gifts for teenagers such as gift vouchers for movies, bowling, JBHIfi, or sports stores, hygiene or pamper packs, and clothes. Barnardos have provided a list of gift ideas for all ages, which is available from the managers.



CBC’s new COVID Plan andChecklist  reflect the arrangements for the return to face-to-face bridge and are available on the website and in the Club entry hall. If you are coming to the club please refresh your memory on requirements.  

Upcoming Sessions

The week beginning 22 November 2021 our sessions are as follows

  • Friday afternoon 1.15pm RealBridge 
  • Saturday afternoon 1.15pm RealBridge

Next week we are adding a face to face session at the club on Friday afternoon at 1.00pm.  The RealBridge session on Friday afternoon will commence at 1.15pm. 

From 29 November our sessions are as follows

  • Monday morning 10.00am at the club
  • Monday morning 10.15am RealBridge
  • Monday afternoon 2.00pm  RealBridge
  • Monday evening 7.00pm RealBridge
  • Monday evening 7.15pm - 3 week Swiss Pairs Event, pre-registration required RealBridge
  • Tuesday afternoon 1.00pm at the club
  • Tuesday afternoon 1.15pm RealBridge
  • Wednesday morning 10.00am at the club
  • Wednesday morning 10.15 am RealBridge
  • Wednesday evening 7.15pm  at the club (NB No  parallel RealBridge session)
  • Thursday morning 10.00am Duplicate at the club
  • Thursday morning 10.10am - Butler RealBridge
  • Thursday afternoon 2.00pm RealBridge
  • Friday morning 9.30am (please note early start) at the club (24 boards only)
  • Friday supervised 9.30am lesson at the club and 10.00am play
  • Friday afternoon 1.00pm at the club
  • Friday afternoon 1.15pm RealBridge 
  • Saturday Afternoon 1.15pm RealBridge

As we transition back to face to face sessions at the club, some RealBridge sessions will close down, depending on demand.  

Member table money will be deducted from players CBCPay accounts. Visitors' fees will be paid for by their member-partner, or via prior arrangement by emailing the office.

Cost: face-to-face $10 members/ $13 visitors, RealBridge $8 members and $7 concession (including event).

Links to sessions are on our RealBridge page.


Upcoming  Events

CBC Swiss Pairs (Imps) 

  • Monday evenings at 7.15pm (29 November, 6 & 13 December), via the link on the RealBridge page. You MUST have pre-registered your pair.
  • Butler(imps) Pairs event using a Swiss format with three or four matches per night depending on entries 
  • Red masterpoints
  • Pre-entry is essential - via the online entry formEntries must be received by 5.00pm Friday 26 November.
  • Cost: $8 visitors/members, or $7 concession members per night. All table money is paid by your CBCPay account. Visitors' fees will be charged to their member-partner.

January IMP Pairs (Butler)

A two-week competition on 3 and 10 January 2022 on Monday evening at 7.15pm. This will be practice for the online Summer Festival of Bridge.

  • Pre-entry required - online entry form - before 10.00am 3 January 2022
  • Please enter early.

Beginners Lessons in 2022

The Club has face-to-face bridge beginner lessons commencing in the first week of February 2022, on Wednesday evenings starting at 7.00pm (2 Feb - 9 Mar)  and Friday mornings  at 10.00am (4 Feb - 11 Mar).  Please note and share with friends and family. Earlybird payments are discounted at $59 or $69 after 26 January 2022. 

The lessons are two hours long and  include a textbook, detailed notes and 3 free "supervised play" sessions.  These lessons make ideal presents!


Master the Basics

Master the Basics, is on each week at 9.00am on Thursday mornings before the duplicate sessions, for approximately half an hour. 
The lessons are available on Zoom. To receive the Zoom link, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

MTB caters for a range of abilities and each week covers a fundamental concept to an increased level of mastery. Students who have done a Beginners Course and/or some Supervised play and have limited experience are welcome to attend. With more experience you will still benefit from a deeper understanding of the concept being discussed. 

No registration is needed.
Cost is $6 for CBC Members (paid via CBCPay) and $8 for Non-Members. Lessons are followed by a face-to-face session at the club at 10.00am.  

Download the MTB Lesson Schedule


Supervised Play

Thanks to all the supervised players that have managed to respond to Barbara's survey last week.  Our return to face-to-face on Friday mornings commenced this morning with 8 eager participants.  

Thursday Zoom lessons will continue online.  



 As reported last week George Kozakos playing the Australian National Butler Pairs Championship finished second with his Adelaide partner. Congratulations George! And apologies for inadvertently mispelling your name!


Inaugural Grand National Novice Pairs (GNNP) 2021

Congratulations to the winners in the Inaugural Novice Pairs! 

  1. James Walcott & John Lee
  2. Philippa Wickman & Grant Wickman
  3. Bricet Kloren & Penelope Shilling
  4. Steve Taylor & Lisa Bradley
  5. Nola Arnold & Graham Ward

Those players able to play will play a semi final between 22 November and 5 December.  If they are successful the final is on 11 December at 1pm.  We wish them all good luck!


 Key Card Blackwood by Joan Butts

  • Key Card Blackwood is an advance on ordinary Blackwood and easy to learn
  • The King of the trump suit is considered as important a key card as the aces
  • There are five key cards to consider: the four aces and the trump king
  • The most popular key card is “1430” (same as the score for a vul major slam)
  • After the 4NT ask, 5♣️ shows 1 or 4 key cards (could be aces or the trump king)
  • After the 4NT ask, 5♦️ shows 3 or 0 key cards (could be aces or the trump king)
  • After the 4NT ask, 5♥️ shows 2 key cards (without the trump queen)
  • After the 4NT ask, 5♠️ shows 2 key cards (with the trump queen)
  • It’s ok to bid slam missing one control, but not two (ie A, A or AK of a suit)
  • If your side has all the first round controls, you may ask for second round control via 5NT with Grand Slam in mind
  • 5NT asks for kings, and the most effective answers are specific kings (ie which king you hold)

Up the Creek without an... (entry)  with Ian Morison

A golden rule of Bridge is you must take stock before you play any cards.

You are South and have ended up in 1NT on this deal, after you opened 1D, West doubled for takeout, North bid 1S, you bid 1NT, and then all passed:











The H4 is led by West, small in dummy, and East takes HA and returns a low Heart which you run around to your HK.

Now you take stock (but is it too late???).

You notice you are very exposed in Clubs if the defence get in and lead them - maybe you will lose 4 Clubs or more, on top of the HA you have already lost. Also, since West doubled, East probably has nothing (very likely after winning the HA), so the Diamond finesse is looking unlikely to work. Also, West sits over your hand.

You think a bit. Can I afford to lose any Diamonds? No. So perhaps it is best just to take the 7 tricks available (2 Hearts, 4 Spades and Diamond Ace)?

You decide this is best; after all, making 1NT is a positive score.

Then you see the mess you are in.

You are in dummy now, as you let the Heart return run around to the HK. Your 4 Spade tricks are now 3 tricks as you have no entry back into dummy in a side suit. You are left to play SK, then SQ, overtaking in Dummy with SA, then play SJ and then try the Diamond finesse, which perforce, fails.

Down 2 as the cards lay – West won DK, played off 5 Club winners, then a Heart to your HQ, and later won the DJ. East had won HA earlier.

All you had to do was take the 2nd trick with HQ in hand, then play SK and SQ then the HK is an entry to SA and SJ, then take DA.

You needed to take stock at the very start – where did I need to be to win all 4 spades?

Ian Morison - bridge lover (and an occasional frantic oarless up the creek paddler)


Vale Les Humphrey 19 March 1938 - 23 November 2021

Very long time club member, Les Humphrey, died on Tuesday night. 

Les joined the Club about 39 years ago and was a very regular Wednesday night player in the walk in pairs event and was a bridge partner on Wednesday nights with Tony Hedley for about 35 years.  Les spent many years in the military and had two tours of duty in Vietnam and spent a number of years at Duntroon and at Russell Hill. After retiring from Defence, Les spent a number of years at the ANU. When Les moved to Jindalee about 3 years ago he ceased playing bridge.  

The funeral service for Les is next Wednesday 1 December at 1.30pm at the Mitchell Crematorium.


 Lighter moments

 Our Chief Director was very chuffed to see Ephraim Grunhard's return to the club.  He advised Ephraim's favourite saying, perhaps after receiving a bruising round: "Cut me in half and call me Shorty!"

 One of our manager's favourite sayings borrowed from Vivienne Hook, when all at the table are vulnerable pre COVID: "Ooooh look we're all vulnerable! Group hug!"