2021 Competition Calendar

Please note that this calendar has been impacted by COVID and has been suspended.  Please check the CBC main website and newsletter for more recent events.

All events, unless stated otherwise, are
  * held in CBC Clubrooms 
  * require pre-entry
  * RED point events 
All enquiries to:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Event Name Time &
Start Date
No. of
January 2021
   CBC President's Plate - Swiss Pairs - IMPs scoring Mon 7:15pm
11 Jan
3 Online Entry
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   Swiss Matchpoint Pairs Mon 7:15pm
1 Feb
2 Online Entry 
     BFACT ANC Open Trials Qualifying - IMPs - Qualification to Open Team Selection Finals Mon 7:15pm
15 Feb
4 Online Entry
     Not-Quite-Valentines Day Congress Sun 9:30am
27 Feb
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      BFACT Swiss Pairs - Incorporting the ANC Seniors Trial Qualifying
Mon 7:15pm
15 March
 4  Online Entry
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       BFACT Restricted Matchpoint Pairs Sat 9:30am
10 April
 1 Online Entry
       BFACT Women's Team Selection Sat/Sun 9am
10-11 April
 1 Online Entry
      Barry Turner Teams

Mon 7:15pm
12, 19, 26 April

Wed 7:15pm
5 May

 4 Online Entry
      Novice Matchpoint Pairs - CANCELLED for April 2021    1  
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      William Jenner-O'Shea Skills Development Workshop
8 May
  Online Entry
      Mentoring in May
Experienced CBC Players mentor less
      experienced players at times arranged
      between them
Various All May   In-Club
     CBC Hugh Hudson Butler Pairs

10, 17, 24 May

  Online Entry

     BFACT GNOT Teams
Gold Points - Winning team to GNOT National Final Tweed Heads in November

31 May and
7, 21 June

16 June

  Online Entry
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    Swiss IMP Pairs - Short Matches
28 June
5 July 
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  CBC Match Point Pairs
Incorporating the CBC Mixed Pairs - Round Robin Format 

12, 19 July



    CBC Butler Pairs (inc Ted Crichton Mixed Pairs)
Gold Points - Top three pairs receive free entry to Gala Pairs event on Sunday 19 September.
Incorporating the CBC Ted Crichton Mixed Pairs
26 July
2, 9 August 

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    CBC Teams of Three

1 Aug
       ACT Open Teams - POSTPONED due to ACT Lockdown
Final - 28 board final to be played at a session agreed to by the finalists
16, 23, 30 Aug
6 Sept
  Online RealBridge Swiss Butler Pairs Mon 7:15pm
23, 30 Aug
6 Sept
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  Online CBC RealBridge Teams Mon 7:15pm
13, 20, 27 Sept
  Online Entry

     CBC Danish Swiss Matchpoint Pairs POSTPONED due to ACT Lockdown
Short matches allowing for pairs to play the same opponents twice

13, 20 Sept

    BFACT Gala Pairs - Online RealBridge
Pairs event with Butler(imps) scoring.
Two pairs in each of the Open Section and the Restricted section form a team to represent the BFACT in the GNOT final in Late November/Early December.
The GNOT final will be held online using RealBridge

19 Sept
   Entry via BFACT

     CBC Egon Larsen Bulter Pairs
27 Sept
4, 11 Oct
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    State Swiss Pairs Championship (RealBridge)
Butler scoring (Imps) format ––Run as two separate (A and B) divisions as determined by the organizers according to entries
4, 11,18  Oct
  Online Entry
    BFACT Canberra In Bloom (CIB)Online RealBridge
Saturday: Pairs
Sunday: Teams

Sat 9th Oct
Sun 10th Oct
   Entry via BFACT
    State Open Teams (RealBridge)

Qualifying (1st 3 weeks)
Semi-Finals and plate (week 4)
Final – Wednesday 24 November 32 boards – 7.00pm start  
Semi Finals and finals to be held using RealBridge screens

25 Oct, 1, *15 and 22 Nov
*Note: No play on Monday 8 November due to ANC event online
  Online Entry 

    CBC Alan McArthur Teams
25 Oct
1, 8, 15 Nov
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     No Event Monday Night

The conduct of the online Interstate Teams (as part of the Australian National Championships) in the week commencing 8 November has necessitated an interruption in the Monday night State Open teams event.

Subsequently there will be no Real Bridge competition play on Monday 8 November. Members are welcome to play in the 7.00pm duplicate on that evening.

8 November

No Event Session

          ABF Novice Pairs Championship (under 100MPs per player) - CBC Heat Saturday
20 November
  Online Entry 

   CBC Swiss Butler (Imps) Pairs

29 Nov
6, 13 Dec
  Online Entry  
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      CBC Mixed and Medley Teams

13, 20 Dec

    CBC Christmas Party, green points, details of the
      additional activities to be advised .. may be additional
      cost for refreshments and fun activiies

  1 Automatic entry 
for all Players

No event session due to Christmas week

27 Dec    
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