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ACT Open Teams

Monday Evenings, 4 week competition
with additional final
Members of the winning team will be the
2021 Open Teams Champions

Due to the ACT Lockdown this event has been postponed.

When rescheduled dates are confirmed we will update this page, and notified in the weekly newsletter.

The format will be either a round robin or Swiss teams movement, determined by number of entries. Format will be confirmed at the beginning of the first session.

  • Program
    • Heats                    Mondays 16, 23, 30 August, 6 September, 7:15pm
    • Final                      (flexible & depending on number of entries)
  • Scoring
  • Entry:
    • Entries close Friday 13 August at 10:00 am
      Late entries accepted under strict conditions and at the sole discretion of the Tournament Organiser
    • Pre-Entry Essential, methods include
      • Online Entry
      • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Costs - $13 per session.
    CBC members pay via CBCPay, non-members pay exact cash.

                     Current Entries                 

  1. Bernard Waters, Stephen Mendick, Niek Van Vucht, Bruce Crossman
  2. Geroge Kozakos, Michael Smart, Andrew Spooner, Stephen Fischer, Jodi Tutty, Brad Coles
  3. Julia Hoffman, Chris Quail, Pam Crichton, Ross Crichton, Judith Tobin, Roger Curnow.
  4. Vanessa Brown, Will Jenner-O'Shea, Christy Geromboux, Sebastian Yuen
  5. Roy Nixon, Emlyn Williams, Stephen Carter, Tim Davis
  6. Tony Marker, Paul Nelson, Josh Tomlin, Ruitian Lang
  7. Peter Kahler, Adrienne Stephens, Janet Kahler, Peter Quach
  8. George Stockham, Alex Hewat, Chris Lokan, Morag Lokan
  9. David Hoffman, David Wawn, Tony Marinos, Peter Grant, David Appleton, Peter Reynolds
  10. John Kelly, George Zuber, David Clarkson, Peter Talsma
  11. Gwendolyn Gray Jamieson, Bridget Gilmour Walsh, plus 2 tbd
  12. Simon Grant, Patricia McDonald, Elizabeth Yoo, Geoff Hayes
  13. Cathy Nichols, Catherine Sherwin, Stephen Bartos, Michael Burt


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