WilliamJS Skills Development Workshops

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No-Trumps Systems and No-Trumps Play

Saturday 8 May

10am - 3pm

The Skills Development Workshop delivered by William Jenner-O'Shea on Saturday 8 May was a great success. The Workshop was attended by 72 players of all standards and initial feedback has been extremely positive.  

The program included Revision and Extension of No-Trumps Systems, and Improving Play in No-Trumps Contracts. The 20 hands played during the course of the workshop all included interesting play and/or defence tips in no-trumps contracts.

Some copies of the Workshop Booklet are still available for sale from the Director at $5 per booklet.

Will Jenner-O’Shea has been teaching bridge for over 10 years. He has taught hundreds of Beginners, and thousands of Intermediate and Advanced players. He has taught at most of the largest Clubs in Sydney and around Australia, as well as presented bridge lessons at several National Events. He last taught at the Canberra Bridge Club in 2019 and his lesson was very well received.

He has represented Australia and won several National events. 


  • Program:
    • Revision of No-Trumps Systems
    • Extension of No-Trumps Systems
    • Improve your Play in No-Trumps Contracts
    • Each hand has an interesting play and/or defence tip
    • An excellent booklet of the lesson content is included

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