Alan McArthur Teams

4 week competition from 16th November

Alan McArthur was co-founder of the Canberra Bridge Club and prominent in the early administration of Canberra bridge. Professionally, he was the world authority on bushfires.
Alan McArthur Teams

Monday Evenings - 7:15pm, 16th, 23rd & 30th November & 7th December 2020
Canberra Bridge Club (face-to-face session)

2020 Winners

  1. David Hoffman, Peter Grant, Tony Marinos, David Wawn
  2. Ian Robinson, George Kozakos, Michael Smart, Sebastian Yuen, Christy Geromboux
  3. Stephen Carter, Emlyn Williams, Roy Nixon, Margaret Kyburz, Bob Cox, Sue La Peyre
  4. Chris Quail, Julia Hoffman, Pam Crichton, Ross Crichton

                     2020 Entries                

  1. David Hoffman (paid), David Wawn (paid), Peter Grant (paid), Tony Marinos (paid)
  2. Morag Lokan (paid), Chris Lokan (paid), Cathy Nichols (paid), John Niven (paid)
  3. Julia Hoffman (paid), Chris Quail (paid), Pam Crichton (paid), Ross Crichton (paid)
  4. Peter Kahler (paid), Janet Kahler (paid), Adrienne Stephens (paid), Peter Quach (paid)
  5. Tony Marker (paid), Bruce Crossman (paid), Jodi Tutty (paid), Bill Tutty (paid)
  6. Lyn Carter (paid), Anne Powell (paid), Malcolm Carter (paid), Jennifer Carter (paid)
  7. Niek Van Vucht (paid), Paul Nelson (paid), Rob Hurst (paid), Des Manderson (paid)
  8. Ian Robinson (paid), George Kozakos (paid), Michael Smart, Sebastian Yuen (paid), Christy Geromboux(paid)
  9. Josh Tomlin (paid), Ruitian Lang (paid), Simon Grant (paid), Bruce Chapman (paid)
  10. Stephen Carter (paid) Emlyn Williams (paid), Margaret Kyburz (paid), Roy Nixon ( paid) (subs Bob Cox, Sue La Peyre)


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