Canberra Bridge Club provides members and visitors with a friendly and supportive environment in which to play bridge. Based in Deakin, it is the largest bridge club in the ACT. This website provides details of our regular sessions, forthcoming events, courses for beginners, and much more.

Returning to Bridge in the Club Rooms

The ACT Government requires businesses to have a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan in order to recommence activities.

The Committee has written CBC’s Safety Plan in order to ensure face-to-face bridge sessions are as safe as possible for everyone.

That said, it is not possible to play bridge in the clubrooms in a way that completely removes all COVID-19 risks. The Committee understands that some members will not want to play face-to-face bridge at this time given their personal situation and health issues. We urge all members to consider their own circumstances and decide what is best for them.

Have you read the latest versions of the CBC COVID-19 Safety Plan and Checklist for Members?

  • COVID-19 Safety Plan - Updated 27 August 2020
  • Playing at the Club Checklist for Members - Updated 27 August 2020
  • We have been advised by ACT Health that at this stage, temperature checks on entry are not required. Following this advice, we have ammened our current Safety Plan and proceedures to not require it at this time.

This week at the Clubrooms

For the week commencing Monday 14 September we have four sessions scheduled at the clubrooms

  • Monday evening 7:00pm (walk-in)                                         Christy Geromboux
  • Monday evening 7:15pm (Hugh Hudson - entries closed)     Christy Geromboux
  • Tuesday afternoon 1:15pm                                                    Sally Barber
  • Wednesday morning 10:00am                                               Ian Robinson
  • Friday afternoon 1:15pm                                                        Bruce Crossman

Please remember that "mingling" - unnecessary interactions between individuals - is forbidden due to problems with the spread of Covid. It is therefore critical that players do not move between rounds until told to do so by the director

Red Masterpoint sessions at the Clubrooms

The tournament committee has decided to conduct a number of Red Masterpoint sessions at the clubrooms over the next three month period.

For the months of September to November, each face-to-face session will have one red pointed session per month. Red points will be awarded on:

  • Monday Evening                    4th Monday of the month  - September 28
  • Tuesday Afternoon                 1st Tuesday of the month  - September 1
  • Wednesday morning               2nd Wednesday of the month  - September 9
  • Friday afternoon                     3rd Friday of the month  - September 18

In the month of October, an additional Red Point Event (The Olive Lott Pairs) will be played on the first three Wednesday mornings.

See how far Covid has invaded our lives – imagine the oldest daytime club event not being played on the traditional Monday morning session! 

Next week on BBO (no changes)

For the week commencing Monday 14 September, we have scheduled 6 tourneys on BBO.

Note that all our BBO sessions are continuing as usual, including the evening sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Monday Morning 10:00am                           Bruce Crossman
  • Tuesday Evening 7:15pm (imps)                 Stephen Fisher
  • Wednesday Morning Novice 10:15am         Barb Toohey
  • Wednesday Evening 7:15pm                       Christy Geromboux
  • Thursday morning 9:55am (imps)                Jodi Tutty
  • Thursday Morning 10:00am (matchpoint)    Jodi Tutty