Canberra Bridge Club provides members and visitors with a friendly and supportive environment in which to play bridge. Based in Deakin, it is the largest bridge club in the ACT. This website provides details of our regular sessions, forthcoming events, courses for beginners, and much more.

Returning to Bridge in the Club Rooms

The ACT Government requires businesses to have a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan in order to recommence activities.

The Committee has written CBC’s Safety Plan in order to ensure face-to-face bridge sessions are as safe as possible for everyone.

That said, it is not possible to play bridge in the clubrooms in a way that completely removes all COVID-19 risks. The Committee understands that some members will not want to play face-to-face bridge at this time given their personal situation and health issues. We urge all members to consider their own circumstances and decide what is best for them.

Next week at the Clubrooms - a new session and a significant change to the registration procedure

For the week commencing Monday 6 July we have three sessions scheduled at the clubrooms

  • Tuesday afternoon 1:15pm (new session)                  Sally Barber
  • Wednesday morning 10.00am                                      Ian Robinson
  • Friday afternoon 1.15pm                                               Bruce Crossman

Occasional notes

Next week we are dispensing with the pre-registration process and returning to our normal procedure of walk-in duplicate, so there is no need to email the managers if you are playing next week. As always, specific seating cannot be reserved for players unless they have a medical need.

Please remember that the clubrooms do not open until 20 minutes before the advertised session start time. Members with surnames commencing M-Z are requested to wait and enter the clubrooms in the 10 minute period immediately prior to session commencement.

Social distancing is most difficult when entering the clubrooms. Those members who already have vouchers should have them ‘at the ready’ and those purchasing vouchers should have the exact money amount ($50 or $45) in their hot little hands.

Next week on BBO

For the week commencing Monday 6 July, we have scheduled 6 tourneys on BBO.

Tournament Session Director
Monday morning 10:00am  Bruce Crossman
Tuesday evening 7:15pm (imps)  Stephen Fisher
Wednesday morning Novice 10:15am  Barb Toohey
Wednesday evening 7:15pm  Christy Geromboux
Thursday morning 10:00am  Jodi Tutty
Thursday morning 10:10am (imps)  Jodi Tutty 

Occasional notes

Members looking for a partner for a casual game can log onto BBO and register their name in the partnership desk located in the same place as they would to enter a tourney with a partner. Login è competitive è,all tournaments è–type CBC in search to find tourney è partnership desk at top of page.

Members can also send an email to managers (with plenty of notice) and we will try and locate a partner for you.

Please remember that you can call the director at anytime if you have a problem at the table

More information is available on our BBO pages: