Finishing 2021 with a return to the club! We had a range of in-Club and online Bridge sessions, Events, Beginners Lessons, Intermediate lessons and advanced lessons planned for this year - COVID-19 unfortunately derailed some of this. Please check back frequently to our website and read our newsletter for the latest news about upcoming events and changes to sessions. 

Canberra Bridge Club reopening - members vote with their feet

Members are returning to the club en masse! 

The latest ACT Government easing of COVID restrictions has allowed the club to make significant changes to Face to Face arrangements.

All the scheduled sessions  - face-to-face and on RealBridge are outlined below.  

The playing room has been reset to the normal 33 table configuration in line with the ACT Government's new density limit of one person per two square metres.

The pre-registration rerequirement and the priority to members who have not played RealBridge has been dropped.

The proof of double vaccination requirement has been removed for all members.  The kitchen has now reopened.  New Kitchen Guidelines  on the noticeboard.  

 Face-to-face and RealBridge Sessions 

Remaining sessions this week are as follows:

  • Friday afternoon 1:15pm Realbridge 
  • Saturday Afternoon 1:15pm Realbridge

Next week we are adding a face to face session at the club on Friday afternoon at 1.00pm.  The RealBridge session on Friday afternoon will commence at 1.15pm. 

From 29 November our sessions are as follows

  • Monday morning 10.00am at the club
  • Monday morning 10.15am RealBridge
  • Monday afternoon 2:00pm  RealBridge
  • Monday evening 7:00pm RealBridge
  • Monday evening 7:15pm - 3 week Swiss Pairs Event, pre-registration required RealBridge
  • Tuesday afternoon 1.00pm at the club
  • Tuesday afternoon 1:15pm RealBridge
  • Wednesday morning 10.00am at the club
  • Wednesday morning 10.15 am Realbridge
  • Wednesday evening 7.15pm at the club (NB No  parallel RealBridge session)
  • Thursday morning 10.00am Duplicate at the club
  • Thursday morning 10:10am - Butler RealBridge
  • Thursday afternoon 2.00pm RealBridge
  • Friday morning 9.30am (please note early start) at the club (24 boards only)
  • Friday supervised 9.30 lesson at the club and 10.00am play
  • Friday afternoon 1.00 at the club
  • Friday afternoon 1:15pm RealBridge 
  • Saturday Afternoon 1:15pm RealBridge

As we transition back to face to face sessions at the Club, some RealBridge sessions will close down, depending on demand.  

 The Club is strongly recommending everyone wear a face mask at the club acknowledging that (i) COVID remains in the ACT; (ii) COVID risks remain when playing bridge; (iii) our members are older and often have health issues; and (iv) mask wearing is a good precaution to continue at the club as we have removed the proof of vaccination requirement and the three-table set up.

All other protocols contained in the CBC COVID Plan continue, e.g., use of the Check In CBR app, protocols around bridge play, regular use of hand sanitiser, cleaning up after play, staying home if unwell.

 Office hours are 9 to 2pm Monday to Friday. Our telephone answering machine is recording 24/7.  

Table fees at the club are:

  • General sessions: $10 Members $9 Concessions $13 Visitors
  • Events $13 Members and Concessions $12

For time-sensitive matters, please contact:

  • RealBridge & Session times: Bruce Crossman (email or phone) or John Donovan (email only)
  • Lessons / Education: Lesley Gunson or Barbara Toohey
  • General Club matters: Margaret Kyburz

Please join us for an online RealBridge session.

 $8 (visitors & ABF members) / $7 Concession Members -- paid via CBCPay

Note that visitor fees are paid by the partner-member's CBCPay account.

Note that visitors only allowed if playing with a member (special arrangements might apply for 2 visitors if there is demand and if we can facilitate payment).


Supervised Bridge

Supervised bridge returns to the club from 26 November with a 9.30 lesson on Friday.  

Master the Basics

Master the Basics will continue on Zoom at 9am Thursdays. To be added to the invite list, please contact Barb Toohey.
Cost: $6 members / $8 non-members

Here's a preview of some upcoming events:

Covid-19 Safety

The Committee has written CBC’s Safety Plan in order to ensure face-to-face bridge sessions are as safe as possible for everyone. You must read it and abide by it as a condition of entry.

Have you read the latest versions of the CBC COVID-19 Safety Plans?

New Kitchen Guidelines set out arrangements for access to the bottom kitchen.