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OMG – it’s about to get cold!

Yes! Wintie is coming fast and staying at home in a warm house is sometimes very appealing. But what about my bridge game, I hear you say.

Not to worry - the club has four sessions of RealBridge available each week on Monday evening at 7.00pm and Monday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons. And the Tuesday competition night moves to RealBridge from the end of June until the end of August.

To encourage our reluctant and slightly scared members to give the RealBridge platform a whirl, we are offering a reduced rate of $6 per session for any member  willing to give it a go.

What’s more, their partner also pays $6 regardless of their RealBridge playing situation.

The offer is also valid for members introducing non-members as guests to RealBridge. RealBridge newbies without a partner  can also log on to Realbridge session 15 minutes before start and we will organise a partner for you.

This promotion will apply throughout the month of June and July and is available for up to three sessions per member or guest. *


Need help ?

The club has appointed Tamara Cutcliffe as the club's RealBridge promotions officer.

Tamara can help members and their guests with technical RB matters and can organise partnerships with other members, on semi permanent or permanent basis.

Members seeking a one off game can simply log onto RB and talk to the director.

Tamara can be contacted via email (in the first instance) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively via mobile in emergent circumstances -  0419 289 120



RealBridge - Online Bridge Sessions

  The Club offers 4 RealBridge sessions per week.

   Daytime    Evenings  
  Start time    Description  Start time    Description
  Monday   2:00 pm     Matchpoint pairs
    (24 boards)
  7:00 pm       Matchpoint pairs
    (24 boards)
 Tuesday      Competition Night 7:15pm  Pre register through myABF 
  Thursday   2:00 pm      Matchpoint pairs
    (27 boards)
  Saturday   1:15 pm     Matchpoint pairs
    (27 boards)


  • Please be seated at least 15 minutes prior to commencement of play.
  • If you need a partner, use the link to log in to the session, and chat with the Director. They will attempt to match you up with someone.
  • For costs and payment methods, see Table fees.

To join an online session, click on the relevant link below.

Links will be opened about 1/2 hour before the session start time.   



Week starting Monday 08 July

  Day  Start time    Link
  Monday   2:00 pm    
  Monday   7:00 pm    
  Thursday   2:00 pm   join session here 
  Saturday   1:15 pm   join session here


Week starting Monday 15 July

  Day  Start time    Link
  Monday   2:00 pm    join session here
  Monday   7:00 pm    join session here
  Thursday   2:00 pm    
  Saturday   1:15 pm    


Tuesday night Competition

 Day    Event Name   Start time   Link 
 16 July RB Walk in Matchpoint Pairs - this event you can pre register or just walk in!  7:15 pm    join session here 
 23 July Online President's Teams week 1  7:15 pm  join session here
 30 July Online President's Teams week 2  7:15 pm  join session here
 6 August Online President's Teams week 3  7:15pm   to be uploaded soon



Getting started with RealBridge


For more information on how to get started with RealBridge click on the link below:

Technical Problems?

If you are regularly having technical problems, contact RealBridge for help, or email Tamara Cutcliffe This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.