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Refresher Course


This program is for both less experienced, and also for long term social players who want to update their skills and increase their enjoyment of the game. It will consist of a short 15 minute lesson followed by 4 hands of practice play and review.  The sessions are scheduled immediately before or after a current play session, allowing a short break for lunch between the current duplicate play session and teaching session.  Teachers will be Barb Toohey and Steve Geddes.


  • $10

The lessons will be presented in 6 sessions, spread throughout the year, of 4 lessons each. Each session will involve two lessons per week for two weeks, forming a block of 4 lessons on a single focus area. Participants can attend any of the lessons without registration - you can just walk in. However it will be in your best interests to attend all lessons within a topic session.

The schedule for 2024 is as follows:

  Session    Week    Focus area    Lesson    topic    Date
  Session 1  
  Week 1     Finding the best contract     Lesson 1     Responses and rebids     March 5 (10:45-12:00)
  Lesson 2     The Reverse bid     March 6 (1:45 -3:00)
  Week 2     When to stop bidding     Lesson 3     Forcing or not     March 12  
  Lesson 4     To bid or not to bid!     March 13 
  Session 2  
  Week 1     Getting into the bidding     Lesson 1     Doubles and overcalls     April 9
  Lesson 2     Advancing a takeout double     April 10  
  Week 2     Coping with opposition bidding     Lesson 3     Negative doubles     April 16  
  Lesson 4     Cue raises     April 17  
  Session 3  
  Week 1     Planning the play     Lesson 1     Counting winners and losers     June 4  
  Lesson 2     Promotion, length, finesse     June 5  
  Week 2     Planning check list     Lesson 3     Trumps, discard on winners     June 11  
  Lesson 4     Entries, order of play     June 12  
  Session 4  
  Week 1     Opening Leads   Lesson 1     What card to lead   August 6  
  Lesson 2     What suit to lead   August 7  
  Week 2     Reading the play     Lesson 3     Signals   August 13  
  Lesson 4     Rule of 11   August 14  
  Session 5  
  Week 1     Transfer bids     Lesson 1     Transfer bids after 1NT     September 3  
  Lesson 2     Invitational hands     September 4 
  Week 2     More about transfers     Lesson 3     Showing a second suit     September 10  
  Lesson 4     Super accepts     September 11  
  Session 6  
  Week 1     1NT and conventions     Lesson 1     Stayman     November 5  
  Lesson 2     Cappelletti after 1NT     November 6  
  Week 2     Cue bidding     Lesson 3     Michaels cue bids     November 12  
  Lesson 4     Cue bids showing controls     November 13  


Note the start time is pre regular bridge session on Tuesdays and post regular bridge session on Wednesdays:

  • Tuesdays: 10:45-12:00
  • Wednesdays: 1:45 -3:00