Welcome to 2021. We had a range of in-Club and online Bridge sessions, Events, Beginners Lessons, Intermediate lessons and advanced lessons planned for this year - COVID-19 willing of course. Please check back frequently and read our newsletter for the latest news about upcoming events and changes to sessions. 

Gradual return to Face-to-Face Sessions at CBC

At its meeting on 25 October 2021, the CBC Committee agreed:

That the Club gradually reopens the clubrooms for face-to-face bridge, with the first session on Tuesday 2 November 2021 at 1.00pm, with priority to partnerships with at least one member who hasn’t played CBC RealBridge, but all players to be doubly vaccinated.  Until such time as the ACT Government allows one person per two square metres, the Club will use the three-table set up.

Read the information page on how to register for this session, requirements, and other details (PDF).

As set out on the information page, please do not involve the Managers in the registration process.  All issue pertaining to the return to F2F will be handled by the Club's Committee in the early stages.

At this stage, it is only the Tuesday 1:00pm session returning to a face-to-face session. Stay tuned for information regarding the reopening of further face-to-face sessions.

The office is currently closed and a Manager will only be at the Club on the days when there is a face-to-face session. We do not have access to the phone/voicemails. Please contact us via email.

For time-sensitive matters, please contact:

  • RealBridge & Session times: Bruce Crossman (email or phone) or John Donovan (email only)
  • Lessons / Education: Lesley Gunson or Barbara Toohey
  • General Club matters: Margaret Kyburz

RealBridge Sessions Continue 

Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown the Canberra Bridge Club will be physically closed. However, we continue to run online bridge sessions during the lockdown on RealBridge.

NEW Session Monday Afternoons - Trial of relaxed and social RealBridge Session 

Since the switchover to RealBridge we have found that some of our members have felt slightly uncomfortable playing in an ‘all in’  unrestricted environment. We offer an alternative for those who prefer a relaxed and relatively non-competitive game. This game would be suitable for some of our regular duplicate players and would also be suitable for those newer members presently playing in duplicates who would prefer a slightly easier competitive environment.   

The session will start at 2.00pm Mondays and finish by 4.30pm and be conducted at a slightly slower pace. Best of all we have found the perfect Director in Sally Barber. 

Please join us for an online RealBridge session.

 $8 (visitors & ABF members) / $7 Concession Members -- paid via CBCPay

Note that visitor fees are paid by the partner-member's CBCPay account.

Note that visitors only allowed if playing with a member (special arrangements might apply for 2 visitors if there is demand and if we can facilitate payment).

  • Saturday Afternoon 1:15pm
  • Monday Morning 10am
  • Monday Afternoon 2:00pm
  • Monday Evening 7:00pm
  • Monday Evening 7:15pm - EVENT, pre-registration required
  • Tuesday Afternoon 1:15pm
  • Wednesday Morning 10am
  • Wednesday Evening 7:15pm
  • Thursday Morning 10am - Duplicate
  • Thursday Morning 10:10am - Butler
  • Thursday Afternoon 2.00pm
  • Friday Morning 10:15am - Supervised Play only (zoom lesson at 9:30am) followed by Supervised RealBridge
  • Friday Afternoon 1:15pm

Supervised Bridge

Usual lessons will be delivered on Zoom; please email Barb Toohey to be included in the email list to get a Zoom invite.

  • Friday 9:30am, followed by a Supervised-Only session at 10:15am on RealBridge

Master the Basics

Master the Basics will continue on Zoom at 9am Thursdays. To be added to the invite list, please contact Barb Toohey.
Cost: $6 members / $8 non-members

Here's a preview of some upcoming events:

Covid-19 Safety

The Committee has written CBC’s Safety Plan in order to ensure face-to-face bridge sessions are as safe as possible for everyone. You must read it and abide by it as a condition of entry.

Have you read the latest versions of the CBC COVID-19 Safety Plans?