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The club uses myABF to manage payment for all bridge sessions and bridge lessons other than beginner lessons.


1. Members: All members need to have a MyABF account with funds.The cost of your bridge sessions and bridge lessons will be deducted from your MyABF account.

2. Supervised sessions: Graduates from our beginner program can pay for supervised sessions using vouchers or cash prior to joining the club. On joining we will give you an ABF number. This can then be used to set up a MyABF account.

3. Visitors: Visitors without MyABF accounts need to pay by cash or arrange for their partner to pay for them.


Questions about myABF



  • How do I add money to my MyABF account? There are two options to buy Bridge Credits (1$ = 1 Bridge Credit). You can transfer credits for a number of sessions, or you can arrange for your account to be automatically topped up when your balance falls below $20. The club recommends the automatic top up option, with a minimum top up of $50.


  • What happens if my balance goes negative? myABF accounts do not allow negative balances.


  • Is myABF secure? myABF uses the Stripe platform as a secure online payment provider. Stripe is similar to PayPal and is a worldwide company. All card details are handled securely through Stripe. The ABF does not store anybody’s Credit/Debit Card details.


  • I have set up auto top using my credit card. What happens when it expires? You will be notified by myABF that there is an issue with your payment. Before it expires, however, you can update your credit card details by clicking on "UPDATE" function (under Bridge Credits) and re-entering your new card number.


  • Can I pay for my partner using MyABF? If your partner does not have a MyABF account, you can pay for your partner and seek reimbursement from them. However, you must advise the director at the start of play. For competition events, you can enter and pay for your partner or team-mates and they can transfer funds from their account to your account at any time to reimburse you.


  • I need help to set up my MyABF account - Please contact the office for assistance.