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Newsletter 5 July 2024


In our newsletter this week..

  • President's message
  • Travel Associates Morning Tea - Cancelled
  • New Members
  • Rank Promotions
  • RealBridge Update
  • Introduction to Teams!
  • Tip of the Week
  • Youth Day
  • Advanced Bridge Series
  • Results
  • Upcoming Events
  • Ian Morison
  • Lighter Moments


President's Message 


Happy Retirement to Jane Rassmussen (ABF Secretariat)


This week we see the retirement of long-standing ABF Secretariat, Jane Rasmussen.  For nearly 19 years Jane has been the public face of bridge in Australia.  She has an encyclopedia knowledge of  bridge administration.  She is acquainted with thousands of Australian bridge players and has been a source of assistance to all of them.  Her profound knowledge, her efficiency and her helpfulness will be greatly missed.

Jane, on behalf of all bridge players in Australia, particularly those in Canberra and surrounding regions, I wish you a long and very happy retirement.  Enjoy, and we hope you will now have more time to play bridge (with me).    

Congratulations and thank you.



Australian National Championships (ANC) – Orange


This National event of the Australian Bridge Federation makes its first appearance in its 84 year history in a regional centre being Orange NSW.

Wishing the very best of luck to all of our ACT Representatives who are off to Orange this weekend for the ANC!  Don’t forget to rug up, remember to pack your scarves and be polite to your opponent’s.  There are a number of our members who are also travelling to play in the many other events.  We hope everyone has fun and travels safely.    


- Mary (on behalf of CBC)


ACT Open Team:

  • David Appleton and Brad Coles
  • Vanessa Brown and Will Jenner-O’Shea
  • Jodi Tutty and Bill Tutty

(Stephen Fischer, Non-Playing Captain)


ACT Seniors Team:

  • David Hoffman (Captain) and Peter Grant
  • Malcolm Carter and Bernard Waters
  • Adrienne Stephens and Peter Kahler


ACT Women’s Team:

  • Julia Hoffman (Captain) and Pam Crichton
  • Lyn Carter and Jennifer Carter
  • Bev Crossman and Mary Tough


ACT Youth Team:

  • Alexis Wilsmore and Jade Wilkinson
  • Maxwell Ashurst and Dev Shah

(Niek Van Vucht, Non-Playing Captain)



Travel Associates Morning Tea 

Travel Associates and Silversea Cruises have advised that the morning tea which was scheduled for Thursday 11th July WILL NOT go ahead due to insufficient registrations.


New Members 


Canberra Bridge Club welcomes new and returning members:

  • Linda McDonald
  • Andrew Maroc


Rank Promotions 


  • Suzanne Forrest
  • Jo Heesom-Green
  • Diana Short
  • Alison Watson


  • Lyn Armstrong 


  • Barry Jones
  • Nicola Meares
  • Karen Renfrey
  • Gary Renfrey


Bronze Local
  • Anne Barry
  • David Kenny


  • Margaret Kennedy


Bronze State
  • Elaine Pretorius


Gold Life
  • Jan Davis


Grand Master
  • John Donovan




Bring a Buddy Extended 


Didn't get organised in time to do this in June?  Introduce someone new to one of our regular RB sessions (Monday 2pm, Monday 7pm, Thursday 2pm and Saturday 1.15pm) and you can both play for half price!  Valid for 3 sessions in July 2024.  Call the director so you don't get charged full price.



Introduction to Teams!


Time is running out to register for the upcoming introduction to teams event on two consecutive Friday nights – July 19th and July 26th From 6-45pm until 9-30pm.

We currently have ten teams entered, many of whom have never tried teams before. If you are available on both nights, we would strongly encourage you to get involved and try this fun alternative way to enjoy bridge at the club.

Unlike standard pairs sessions, teams events cannot easily accommodate walk ins, so it is essential that anyone planning to attend register via the below email (including the names of all four members of your team). You can’t just turn up on the night!

If you are interested in playing as a pair but do not have team mates, please email as soon as possible and we will endeavour to find suitable team mates for you.

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Similarly, if you have any questions or require clarification, please feel free to email or to speak to Steve Geddes at the club.





Observing the pleasantries

Last week's TIP contained the passage "There are few games where the players can exchange courtesies. We should be proud that bridge is one of them." Let's elaborate with a few dos and don'ts.

  1. Sometimes you arrive late at the next table. (And it may not be your fault.) The courteous thing to do is to apologise to your opponents. Don't give a reason, don't make an excuse, never continue a conversation from the previous table. Just say "Sorry we're late", and get on with the game.
  2. Never remark on occurrences at the previous table. A comment about a hand could convey unauthorised information. A comment about the players is plain bad manners.
  3. There's not one good thing about post-mortems at the table. They waste time, partner may be irritated, your opponents are disinterested, and there's a risk of unauthorised information. Save post-mortems until the end of the session -- when hand records are available.
  4. Respect your opponents. Silence is golden during play of the hand. It's a discourtesy to celebrate your successes or the opponents' mistakes.
  5. The defenders' carding agreements are a contentious matter. As declarer, you are entitled to know and entitled to ask. If you think you've been deceived, call the Director. Never admonish the opponents. Admonishment, if deserved, is the province of the Director. (As a defender, it is foolish to give true count when doing so would help declarer more than partner.)
  6. To proffer unsolicited advice to an opponent is an act of discourtesy. The day will come when someone asks your advice. Be flattered. It means that the asker believes that your opinion is worthwhile.
  7. Please go out of your way to be nice to your opponents. Greet them pleasantly when they arrive at your table, perhaps ask them how they are going, congratulate them on a good play. Remember the words of Doug Townsend "Bridge is a game for ladies and gentlemen."

 - John Brockwell

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Youth Day


The next Youth day with Will Jenner-O’Shea will be held on Sunday, 21 July from 11:00am - 1:00pm at the Canberra Bridge Club. If any members have children/grand-children/nieces/nephews who wish to learn to play bridge please let them know. These sessions are available to anyone under 30 for free. And, if there are “Youth” who are not too far on the other side of 30, please let them know as they will also be very welcome, and it’s always a fun time!

Immediately after the Youth finish on Sunday, the Club is running another advanced lesson - from 1:30-4:00pm. The more experienced Youth players are very welcome to stay on for that lesson and may do so for no charge.

Please contact Mary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

~Youth Bridge is Bridge’s future~



Advanced Bridge Series with Will Jenner-O'Shea 


Advanced Bridge Series is back with Will teaching the first week and Jodi hosting the mentored play in the second week. The first topic in this new series will focus on Mastering Negative, Responsive, and Support Doubles:

  1. Knowing Exactly What A Double Means
  2. Advanced And Expert Responses to Doubles
  3. When to Pass a Double For Penalties
  4. Bidding to the Best contract in a contested auction


  • Lesson including a booklet of notes: Sunday 21 July 1:30pm. Cost: $25 (Free for players under 30)
  • Mentored Play: 28 July 1:30pm (even if you've missed the lesson you can still benefit from the mentored play session, partnerships can be arranged on the day). Cost:$18 for members

- Click here for more information



Teams of Three 


Cast off the woes of winter and frolic at the Bridge table, and support CBC's charity Integra Service Dogs Australia.

YOU               -- Gather 3 players of a similar standard, come and have fun, get tips on play.

CLUB             -- Provides an experienced player as Captain to help and advise you
                           Scrumptious food and drinks at the end of play.





Travel Associates Butlers 
  1. Niek Van Vucht - Tim Davis                         
  2. John Kelly - George Zuber                           
  3. Jackie Adcock - Susan Banks



Upcoming Events


RealBridge Walk in Matchpoint Pairs
  • When: 16 July
  • Cost: $12 all comers
  • Format: RealBridge
  • Pre register through myABF or walk in (log in) on the day if you decide to join us last minute!
  • Click here to Enter
Online President's Teams 
  • When: 23, 30 July, 6 August - 7:15pm
  • Cost: $12 all comers
  • Visitors from other clubs welcome - invite your interstate / coastal friends
  • Format: RealBridge
  • Teams of 4/5/6 players
  • Click here to Enter

PS. Due to the ANC in Orange we will not be holding a Tuesday night competition on the 9th July



Ian Morison



Lighter Moments


Knock, knock! Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you going to let me in? 




To our members going to Orange, play well and safe travels.  Remember we are from Canberra.

"The cold never bothered me anyway" ~ (Lyrics from which famous song?)