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Mentoring in May


Our "Mentoring in May" program is held in May each year. This is a long held club tradition that dates back many years.

This program matches experienced players with others who wish to learn more about our game:

  • If you are a beginner who would like some help to improve your game, or a mid-level or slightly better player who wants help to move to the next level in bridge, the club invites you to apply to play with a mentor during May.
  • More experienced players can also be mentored, by competition level champions.

Each mentee will be provided with a suitable mentor as partner for two sessions of bridge. The mentor will generally play the mentee's system. The mentee pays the table money for both.

Mentors are needed. If you are a friendly person who is available to play two sessions during the month to assist a club member, please complete an application to be a mentor.

This is a growing experience for us all and bridge is the winner!

  • For a mentee:
    • This is a a great opportunity to improve.
    • It can help you to feel more confident and happier in your game.
    • After a session, discussing the hands introduces new bridge concepts, provides great tips, and widens possibilities.
  • For a mentor:
    • It is rewarding to help others to learn by sharing your expertise.
    • It can help you with your own bridge. One of the best ways to learn something is to teach others how to do it.

No matter what your level please be encouraged to participate - either as a mentor or a mentee.