Canberra Bridge Club


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Represent Canberra Bridge Club and play RealBridge against clubs around Australia!

This national competition has 4 divisions:

  • Under 50 masterpoints
  • Under 100 masterpoints
  • Under 750 masterpoints
  • Open


Final Results

The Qualifying rounds to select the teams for the Nationwide Knockout Event have been finalised. The chosen teams are as below:

  • Under 50 MP - Barbara Herden, Judy Pejovic, Adrienne Morey, Jen Saul, Gary Renfrey, Karen Renfrey
  • Under 100 MP - Bricet Kloren, Hilary Merritt, Joan Mayhew, Kerry Webber, James Walcott and John Lee
  • Under 750 MP - Jennifer Yeats, Brett Yeats, Jean Hydleman, Ralph Edwards, Patricia Burke, Karin Le Roux